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SY Qualification R3 China A (POV) vs China C

Moderators:  Voobly,  _Taff

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SY Qualification R3 China A (POV) vs China C

Postby  Mr_Yo » Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:25 pm

3-1, first game ara's first part somehow broken, so i only upload the restore file
Use icon to link to single game from the pack (right click, copy link).
Use icon to download single game from the pack (.ZIP only, no folders inside).
Attachment: SY Qualification R3 China A (POV) vs China
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Hera_: u suck
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Hera_: with lag
Hera_: gg
[_SY_]Yo__: 1
[_SY_]Yo__: 1
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