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CMTFS Knockout Stage Grand Final TyRanT vs SY

Moderator:  nimanoe

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CMTFS Knockout Stage Grand Final TyRanT vs SY

Postby  prv_limb » Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:48 am

[Show] Spoiler: TyRanT vs SY
Score: 4-5
Game 1: TyRanT 1-0 SY - Arabia
Game 2: TyRanT 1-1 SY - CM_Chaos_Pit (CM_Map_Pack_v2)
Game 3: TyRanT 2-1 SY - CM_AP_Two_Rivers
Game 4: TyRanT 2-2 SY - BCC3@Fortress (Regicide) (HM SY)
Game 5: TyRanT 2-3 SY - Islands (HM TyRanT)
Game 6: TyRanT 3-3 SY - Nomad
Game 7: TyRanT 4-3 SY - CM_Caribbean (HM TyRanT)
Game 8: TyRanT 4-4 SY - CM_Team_Acropolis
Game 9: TyRanT 4-5 SY - Arabia

(serbia) _DauT_ (G1, G2, G3, G4, G6, G8, G9)
(brazil) RiuT
(brazil) F1Re (G5, G7)
(canada) slam
(norway) TheViper

(china) fengxin
(china) Lyx
(china) yinghua_
(china) Yo__

[Show] Spoiler: Information
Pack may contain duplicate recs to avoid spoilers
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Attachment: CMTFS Knockout Stage Grand Final TyRanT (POV) vs
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