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WSVG World Championships 2015: Pre Qual Europe & Africa Brac

Moderator:  Voobly

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WSVG World Championships 2015: Pre Qual Europe & Africa Brac

Postby  Voobly » Sat May 02, 2015 1:48 pm


Pre Qualification Scheduled Games

(france) Bayymax 0:2 [TheJedi]Rgeadn (uk)
(netherlands) Angelina Jolie 2:0 Rablebok (norway)
(slovakia) [wW]Majkl 2:0 mfc_ (turkey)
(turkey) DaD_ronopovi 2:0 musky_ (uk)
(turkey) Imkasva 2:0 ZosoZeppelin (germany)
(spain) Moneimon 2:0 Jack22 (germany)
(slovenia) Fan_of_ANZETKO 2:0 Mukade (slovenia)
(hungary) Squeak 2:0 Mratin (sweden)
(greece) Mits_OS AW:0 tohor2020 (morocco)
(russia) VIK_Warrior AW:0 PleaseBeGentle_ (belgium)
(germany) BuzZ_Bleys 1:0 Pirhano (morocco)
(russia) VIK_Dfs 2:0 RogerReckless (germany)
(austria) [AoHD]kuNfTy 2:0 Jupe (finland)
(estonia) RoR_Optilaser AW:0 juozaskietas (lithuania)
(sweden) BuLLeT 2:1 CZ_LosRotopedos (czech)
(turkey) Dnzdalgic 2:0 GregStein (morocco)
(austria) LB10 2:0 [AoHD]Tetra_Pak (germany)
(norway) [LoS]Lecture 2:0 BlotchedyDooDah (uk)
(uk) hecto12 0:2 Feanor (ireland)
(italy) VODKA_L 2:0 Rem_sjik (netherlands)
(czech) CZ_Mango 2:0 RacerFXX (switzerland)
(czech) ScotAF 1:2 SaladEsc (denmark)
(uk) Fall 0:AW Haijuk (switzerland)
(czech) ExIT 2:1 Poxo (spain)
(germany) nC_pedro 2:0 Tarzan (belgium)
(slovenia) Anze_xR 2:0 CZ_Inseminator (czech)
(norway) _never_ever 2:0 BrEEd (morocco)
(russia) StickyFingaz 2:1 CZ_Ovenka (czech)
(czech) [wW]here_Iam 2:0 Sneypa (sweden)
(france) Eques4 AW:0 Etervy (finland)
(spain) IRC_tomate 2:0 Er_Nachij (spain)
(sweden) DarklyWise 2:0 [AoHD]Bulletchen (switzerland)
(sweden) Gripen 0:2 RFR_Luffis (sweden)
(finland) Rubenstock 2:0 THE_J0k3r (norway)
(france) [RoR]Bzh 0:2 Mitos (spain)
(germany) ELQuark 2:0 sandalen (norway)

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