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WSVG World Championships 2015: Asia & Ocenia Bracket

Moderator:  Voobly

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WSVG World Championships 2015: Asia & Ocenia Bracket

Postby  Voobly » Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:02 pm


Round of 32 - Best of 5 Scheduled Games

(vietnam) [TyRanT]BacT 3:0 LetsImprove (australia)
(vietnam) VNS_Exchange 3:1 GKT_Cloud (taiwan)
(china) [_SY_]xiaoxiong 3:0 Tom_Cruise (australia)
(hong kong) poZ_cloud 3:0 Rong_her0_ (vietnam)
(vietnam) VNS_thungthoi AW:0 [_SY_]_SY_ (china)
(japan) Aquarias 3:0 Quick_Silver (india)
(china) [_SY_]yinghau 3:0 PranPineapple (australia)
(china) [CKF]PBT_Dee 3:1 Super1Man (india)
(china) [_SY_]Yo AW:0 _VG_Mike (china)
(israel) RoR_xTeRRoRx 0:3 fangxiaoqi (china)
(china) [CKF]IamOK 3:0 Oomps (australia)
(china) vivi 3:2 _LK_SkyWalkeR_ (china)
(vietnam) VNS_CooL_ 3:0 NOH (japan)
(hong kong) _kyo 0:2 Tokiwa_Miao (japan)
(vietnam) VNS_ACCM 3:0 Jiggsy (australia)
(japan) komtan 0:3 Bustos (japan)

Round of 16 - Best of 5 Scheduled Games

(vietnam) [TyRanT]BacT 3:0 VNS_Exchange (taiwan)
(china) [_SY_]xiaoxiong 3:0] poZ_cloud (hong kong)
(vietnam) VNS_thungthoi 3:1 Aquarias (japan)
(china) [_SY_]yinghau 3:0 [CKF]PBT_Dee (china)
(china) [_SY_] Yo 3:0 fangxiaoqi (china)
(china) [CKF] IamOK 3:1 vivi (china)
(vietnam) VNS_Cool 3:0 Tokiwa_Miao (japan)
(vietnam) VNS_ACCM 3:0 Bustos (japan)

Regional Finals - Best of 7 Scheduled Games

(vietnam) [TyRanT]BacT 4:1 [_SY_]xiaoxiong (china)
(vietnam) VNS_thungthoi 4:3 [_SY_]yinghau (china)
(china) [_SY_] Yo 4:2 [CKF] IamOK (china)
(vietnam) VNS_Cool 3:4 VNS_ACCM (vietnam)

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