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WSVG World Championships 2015: Americas Bracket

Moderator:  Voobly

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WSVG World Championships 2015: Americas Bracket

Postby  Voobly » Thu Jun 04, 2015 6:21 pm


Round of 64 - Best of 3 Scheduled Games

(brazil) [TyRanT]RiuT WIN BYE
(usa) DLam AW:0 Raicou_16 (mexico)
(brazil) BruH 2:0 Garza (mexico)
(canada) WolfpacK_Hera 2:0 Q_W_e_r_T_y (brazil)
(argentina) Juan WIN BYE
(brazil) Dann 2:1 L_Clan_Cabron_ (mexico)
(brazil) St4rk WIN BYE
(usa) Influenza 2:0 AZTK_Pontigo (mexico)
(argentina) Nicov WIN BYE
(mexico) VN_HEIMDALL 2:1 Mohammad (usa)
(brazil) _WraTh_ 2:0 GarFra (mexico)
(usa) Spring_ 2:1 Andro_ (canada)
(brazil) [TyRanT]F1Re WIN BYE
(brazil) xXBabkaXx 0:AW Masada (usa)
(brazil) Miguel 2:0 Sandman325 (usa)
(argentina) _185_Biry_Arg 2:1 VN_BioshocK_ (mexico)
(brazil) WolfpacK_dogao WIN BYE
(brazil) scrath 2:0 _ALWAYS (brazil)
(argentina) Patin_ZZ 2:0 Super_paladin21 (usa)
(argentina) Milo 2:0 Natural_Mystic (mexico)
(canada) Ra WIN BYE
(usa) _Athena_ 2:0 Riverplation (argentina)
(brazil) GoKu 2:0 Pugsoverdrugs (usa)
(brazil) ClaudioMED AW:0 TheLynx (brazil)
(canada) [TyRanT]slam WIN BYE
(brazil) hito 0:2 VN_Katon (chile)
(canada) WolfpacK_psycho 2:0 _As_Mya_Arg (nicaragua)
(argentina) Fedex 2:0 [NPC_]Naruto (brazil)
(brazil) WolfpacK_FeAge WIN BYE
(argentina) 65_Aramis_ 2:0 Calig0 (brazil)
(usa) Hasan 2:0 Embers (usa)
(brazil) Magnata 2:1 [FOX]Fight (brazil)

Round of 32 - Best of 5 Scheduled Games

(brazil) [TyRanT]RiuT 3:0 Dlam (usa)
(brazil) BruH 2:3 WolfpacK_Hera (canada)
(argentina) Juan 3:0 Dann (brazil)
(brazil) St4rk 3:0 Influenza (usa)
(argentina) Nicov 3:0 VN_HEIMDALL (mexico)
(brazil) _WraTh_ 3:2 Spring_ (usa)
(brazil) [TyRanT]F1Re_ AW:0 Masada (usa)
(brazil) Miguel 3:0 _185_Biry_Arg (argentina)
(brazil) WolfpacK_dogao 3:0 scrath (brazil)
(argentina) Patin_ZZ 0:AW Milo (argentina)
(canada) Ra 2:3 _Athena_ (usa)
(brazil) GoKu AW:0 ClaudioMED (brazil)
(canada) [TyRanT]slam 3:0 VN_Katon (chile)
(canada) WolfpacK_psycho 3:1 Fedex (argentina)
(brazil) WolfpacK_FeAge 3:1 65_Aramis (argentina)
(usa) Hasan 3:1 Magnata (brazil)

Round of 16 - best of 5 Scheduled Games

(brazil) [TyRanT]RiuT 3:0 WolfpacK_Hera (canada)
(argentina) Juan 3:1 St4rk (brazil)
(argentina) Nicov 0:3 _WraTh_ (brazil)
(brazil) [TyRanT]F1Re_ 3:2 Miguel (brazil)
(brazil) WolfpacK_dogao 3:0 Milo (argentina)
(usa) _Athena_ 0:3 GoKu (brazil)
(canada) [TyRanT]slam 1:3 WolfpacK_psycho (canada)
(brazil) WolfpacK_FeAge 3:1 Hasan (usa)

Regional Finals - best of 7 Scheduled Games

(brazil) [TyRanT]RiuT 0:0 Juan (argentina)
(brazil) _WraTh_ 4:2 [TyRanT]F1Re_ (brazil)
(brazil) WolfpacK_dogao 4:1 GoKu (brazil)
(canada) WolfpacK_psycho 0:0 WolfpacK_FeAge (brazil)

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