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SY China Nations Cup II: Final Stages

Moderators:  Voobly,  RacerFXX

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SY China Nations Cup II: Final Stages

Postby  Voobly » Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:10 pm


SY (china) Nations Cup II Final Stages

Last 16 Bo7: 24 - 30th August

.(china) China A 4:0 Japan A (japan)

(argentina) Argentina A 4:0 USA A (usa)

(finland) Finland 4:3 Germany A (germany)

(norway) Norway A 4:3 China D (china)

(brazil) Brazil A 4:0 HongKong (hong kong)

(china) China C 3:4 Vietnam A (vietnam)

(brazil) Brazil B 4:3 China B (china)

(canada) Canada 4:0 Mexico B (mexico)

Quarter Finals Bo7: 31st August - 6th September

Game A
(china) China A 4:1 Argentina A (argentina)

Game B
(finland) Finland 4:2 Norway A (norway)

Game C
(brazil) Brazil A 2:4 Vietnam A (vietnam)

Game D
(brazil) Brazil B 1:4 Canada (canada)

Placement Matches Bo7: 07th - 27th September

Game J
(argentina) Argentina A 0:4 Brazil A (brazil)

Game K
(norway) Norway A 0:4 Brazil B (brazil)

7th Place Match
(argentina) Argentina A 4:0 Norway A (norway)

5th Place Match
(brazil) Brazil A 4:0 Brazil B (brazil)

Final Round Robin Bo9: 07th September - 04th October

Week 1
(china) China A 5:3 Finland (finland)
(vietnam) Vietnam A 3:5 Canada (canada)

Week 2
(china) China A 5:1 Vietnam A (vietnam)
(finland) Finland 1:5 Canada (canada)

Week 3
(china) China A 5:1 Canada (canada)
(finland) Finland 5:0 Vietnam A (vietnam)

SY(China) Nations Cup II - Final Round Robin
Nation Points
Canada X 1:5 5:1 5:3 2nd - 11
China A 5:1 X 5:3 5:1 1st - 15
Finland 1:5 3:5 X 5:0 3rd - 9
Vietnam A 3:5 1:5 0:5 X 4th - 4


SY (china) Nations Cup II Finishing places

1st China A
2nd Canada
3rd Finland
4th Vietnam A
5th Brazil A
6th Brazil B
7th Argentina A
8th Norway A
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