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Tournament Calendar (2018)

Moderator:  fallingstar

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Tournament Calendar (2018)

Postby  prv_limb » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:52 am

List of tournaments (2018)

International tournaments
     Adopt a Noob 2.020/11/201721/01/2018ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Mad Random Cup04/12/201711/02/2018ForumAnnouncementFinished
     RTS League Season 4104/12/201725/02/2018ForumAnnouncement
     Masters of Arena 5$1,00501/01/201811/03/2018ForumAnnouncement
     New Years Brawl08/01/201825/02/2018ForumAnnouncement
     Extreme Streamer Showdown15/01/201811/02/2018AnnouncementFinished
     Ultimate Intermediate Action29/01/201804/03/2018Announcement
     The Legacy Cup 2$54029/01/201801/04/2018ForumAnnouncement
     Battle of Africa$6,02212/03/201829/04/2018ForumAnnouncement
Weekend tournaments (recurring series)
     T90 Series
          T90 Series #7 - F1Re vs St4rk$24006/01/201806/01/2018ForumFinished
          AoE2 Liquor League #1$7509/02/201809/02/2018ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Escape Gaming
     Hippo Series
          Let your teammate die!$50006/01/201807/01/2018ForumAnnouncementFinished
     Polaris Series
Regional tournaments
      Argeking Cup II$43308/01/201818/03/2018ForumAnnouncement
      Torneo Nacional 201805/02/201829/04/2018Announcement

This list will be updated regularly, if I missed a tournament or you want your tournament added, send me a Private Message.
For any question, comments or general discussion, please use this topic.
Website with all week numbers listed with the respective dates.
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