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Master of Islands - Results

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Master of Islands - Results

Postby  pumukel » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:16 pm


After 98 days of fierce water battles and landings - the actual matches started on 11th May with T90 vs Vokial and its glorious landing and ended with part 2 of the Grand Final on 16th August - Master of Islands has come to an end. All prize money has arrived at the winners, Voobly badges are added. Time to summarize and say some thank yous:

First of all, let's praise the donators who contributed to an even better tournament and AoC overall with their generosity:

(switzerland) Bulletchen - initiating the tournament with $175
(usa) willworkforicecream - $100
(switzerland) pumukel - $55 + $15 fees
(usa) patao - $50
(australia) robo - $50
(uk) SMB360 - $25
(usa) T90Official - $25

As admin, I'd like to hand out some special awards:

Scheduler of the Tournament
(czech) Janik
Always starting scheduling as soon as possible, always scheduling in a straightforward and clear manner, always showing up and being on time. The wet dream of every administrator (and not only: streamers appreciate this as well). Additionally he provided us with a nice surprise by eliminating #1 seed dogao. After that, everything seemed possible, but sadly for him it didn't happen.

Specs & Streamers' Darling
(spain) TaToH
Waits to start the next game until specs are back in the room and always informs people immediately if there is a re or a break. We also won't forget his Byzantines strategy against Janik. It's ironic the King of Fireships could only be tamed by F1re in this whole tournament.

Out of Box Champion
(russia) Vinchester
Questioning many traditionally implicit contents of the rules & settings and thereby teaching me a lot about tournament administration. I also want to thank him for his fairplay by accepting the admins' conservative ad hoc decisions. And last but not least: his match vs F1Re was the one I enjoyed the most of all MoISLA matches I watched thorougly!

Elite Enthusiast
(brazil) F1Re
He was the first big name who signed-up soon after the announcement which gives always a boost to a tournament and motivates the admins. After his Winners Final match, he confessed to me how much he likes the tournament and was wishing for a water map tournament some day including maps like Rooster, Baltic, TI, or Migra. (Who knows, in a year maybe.) His positive energy was also receivable while listening to the interview after the Grand Final.

Prince Charming
(vietnam) ACCM
It was always a pleasure the read his rec link PMs calling me "Mr. Pumukel", always being polite, humble and helpful. It was also nice to do the text interview with him and have someone in the tournament who doesn't always take Jap/Hun for game 2.

Connoisseur de Patience
(finland) Pike
Ending the tournament on 3rd Place but not being seeded into top 8. He played his role as #9 seed with grace and professionality. His Stage 1 finals opponent Siesta didn't show up twice on the scheduled time. In sum, Pike waited 60 minutes for Siesta with me, in addition to arduous scheduling. During the waiting time, he entertained us by talking about food. It was funny, but also akward. Great guy.

Legend's Ambassador
(china) lustrous
He did all the communication work between the Chinese Legend Tim and everyone else. It's great to have people like him who bring players together despite language barriers and make it possible to have such players in tournaments.

(spain) Memb, (usa) Nobody41, (uk) SMB360
Although Islands isn't the most favorite map of streamers, these three guys covered many games of Master of Islands. I'm thankful for every single one!

Wingman is Kingman
(netherlands) prv_limb
Helping me out wherever I needed him and giving me critical and attentive hints I didn't ask for, he just confirmed my praise of him in my AoCZone 2015 review. Thank you!

Design Department
(india) Cavin
Not for the first time, he created the winner badges. Your work is appreciated!

Final Ranking
(brazil) F1Re

(spain) TaToH

(finland) Pike

4th Place
(vietnam) ACCM

5th Place
(china) Tim & (czech) Janik
$20 each

7th Place
(czech) Lojza & (russia) Vinchester

Top 16
(vietnam) BacT, (poland) Barles, (brazil) dogao, (czech) DraCoNT, (brazil) GoKu, (brazil) Mahori, (poland) Dziamdziak, (brazil) FeAge

Top 24
(uk) Fallstar, (brazil) Josepreto, (italy) Millo, (poland) Dzik, (poland) Kymu, (mexico) Siesta, (spain) KoNFeR, (italy) Vodka

Round 3 Players
n4p4, ExIT, avicci, Masada, Pag4nini, Bustos, Nazgul, Desert_F0X, LetsImprove, Marauder, Snyper1, squeak, Suco27, WaRRioR, BioshocK, HEIMDALL

Round 2 Players
Elite_Paladin, RoxX, Dagobert, allstar004, AngelinaJolie, Ask, Bulletchen, chaos_2_win, Cruel_Intention, Vokial, DarklyWise, Dixit, Eirik_Olavsson, ELQuark, Error, Jarhead, Mahya, Maiwingkos, Michael Faraday, Peru_Chris, Rablebok, ReFeN, Rein, robo, BzH, SetitO, SiFly, Twigg, Unexpected, Dench, vivi, Wisepii

Round 1 Players
mighty_owl, vitkil, Arterras, BloodyHunter, BuLLeT, g0ld13, Garz4, mma96, mratin, Mu3rT3S, nimanoe, Prymos, SirChaos, FreeMaN, smarthy, T90Official, Tarzan, tom7496, Willworkforicecream

List of all games: viewtopic.php?f=1296&t=121294

Any feedback about the tournament is welcome!

And now, I can focus on my next project:

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