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comeback game

Daily recorded games

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comeback game

Postby  vaitomanocu » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:46 am

Use icon to link to single game from the pack (right click, copy link).
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Attachment: rec.20170908-041957.rar
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Re: mega comeback how he loose this 11

Postby  DraXieN » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:13 pm

Ive got caught by the title, seen the game and make some notes about it. I was mainly watching you, because you're posting it and if I respond here, you likely gonna read it.
1) Making loom was unecessary. You could do loom just before feudal with your boars and you'd get 100 res more (1 more vill for 250 sec = cca 100 res). Also going loom with 11 vills usually does not allow you to go 20 - 21 pop ups, which are usually better than 22 if you want to play it aggresive. There were hills, but the boar could hardly do 4 hits on your vill and hardly could do 2 downhill hits.
2) Dark age really wasn't ideal, your berry vills were for quite some time very ineffective, definitely could be improved.
3) Trying FC with your map really wasn't a good idea. You managed to full wall, but the investment is so huge and if enemy goes aggresive (as he did), it's still very easy for him to break in (as happened) even when you were rewalling with stone, made a tower... Suddenly all your wall investment is gone + you just cant do any castle units, because fc eco is pretty week and any damage done to it is huge.
After 20 mins, if enemy just kept towering and then went kts rams, hed win the game and not because he played good, just because you did wrong strategy.
4) I like going into 3 tc mangonels, it worked pretty well for you and you got quite ahead in the vill count. Still you didn't have bow saw, gold mining, horse collar etc and you had so low map control.
5) Enemy did very bad job with his castle army, xbows did almost nothing and his kts were only +1 when fighting under tcs, towers.. Also he should just go mangonels and push your gold and main TC, you were doing only monks, mangonels = you couldn't defend that.
6) Castle by enemy was a very nice move, and I also like how you sneaked vills outside. I don't like your decision to go imp though. You still had no map control, enemy (even with way worse eco) only needed to hold his position till he can catch up with eco or until he masses kts cas army which you couldnt have response to. You needed map control back = you basically needed to kill that castle. You didnt have your own castle, you had no gold yourself. You knew enemy is going monks kts. Just going mass pike, kts rams could work for you. Going imp should not.
7) Then enemy did very solid raid (you should have added pike way earlier). His eco was in very bad shape though, but still pretty fine to go cas. You could never have response to CA after that raid.
8) Then you did pretty solid walling. Still enemy just could (and should) go inside with his 40 cavs and would kill everything (cause you had solid 15 pike there). You should have gone full halb ram and trying to get your gold mines = pushing those castles. Adding hussar was a good addition, but adding rams earlier would be better. You did some good raids, although its generally more effective to make 2 - 3 stables somewhere and put gather point into enemy farm eco.
9) Then you had solid defence, enemy was hunting your hussar with his paladin, he had control over 7 gold mines out of 8 on the map and still not adding CAs, instead just skirms pala vs hussar halb... Overall after 1 hour you were playing pretty good game, enemy not. Other than that, you did some big mistakes (mainly the decision to fc with your map) and enemy was punishing them pretty well early on.
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