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Conclusion of The Legacy Cup

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Conclusion of The Legacy Cup

Postby  robo » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:46 pm


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Grand Final Recs

We've had a long 3 months, but we have finally finished The Legacy Cup. We've seen some changes to the typical DM gameplay, with the No Wall Mod and Captains Mode Drafting providing some interesting civ match ups, and really rewarding those teams that spent the time to practise using the system and plan out what civs they want on each map.

If anyone has any feedback about the settings, or ideas for future tourneys, this is the place to leave them :)

The Legacy Cup Final Standings

[Show] Spoiler:
    Image=1st: (germany) (germany) (finland) Tsubenstock - Tsu_NilPferD, Tsu_ShiNe_, Rubenstock -> $300
    Image=2nd: (usa) (uk) (austria) QuEnDi A - True, I2aGE_, Clemensor -> $200
    Image=3rd: (greece) (turkey) HorseForce - _Jidba, TheCode -> $150
    Image=4th: (uk) (uk) We Invented the Mullet - KDanJuro, Fu12ious_NoW -> $100
    Image=5th: (usa) (netherlands) SSJG - Praxes, SaCriFiCe_ -> $75
    Image=5th: (usa) (peru) Illuminatis - __RoxX, MrTrump -> $75
    Image=7th: (sweden) (canada) 2Fast2Furious - Spaden, mentalist_ -> $50
    Image=7th: (vietnam) (usa) (canada) glhf - BacT, _spring, Slam -> $50

Thank You!

Once again a massive thanks to (usa) True, (germany) Tsu_NilPferD and (turkey) TheCode for helping to set up the tournament, design the settings and generally be the experienced DMers shepherding the community along. <3
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