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AoC Champions League 2016 Is Over!

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AoC Champions League 2016 Is Over!

Postby  pumukel » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:55 pm


After a december of great games and streaming action, the champion of last year's champions is decided! I especially remember some stunning Islands showdowns and a breath-taking Arabia game in the Vinchester vs F1Re match (video) - probably the game of the tournament. The community on AoCZone didn't sleep as well: a very short MegaRandom game and the TyRanT clan internal round robin closer caused some controversy. You find the recorded games section here. Congrats to all the participants for their achievements:

    1. (norway) TheViper - $226

    2. (brazil) F1Re - $159
    3. (spain) TaToH - $96
    4. (russia) Vinchester - $48
Thanks a lot to all the sponsors:

    $276.59 by Image VooblyOfficial (= channel donators, subscribers, viewers and the effort of the team), $150 by (usa) Geterix (MoMR sponsor), $50 by (_blank) Sweety, $20 by (norway) hennzor, $12.41 by (_blank) TheSyrianRefugee, $10 by (_blank) Sharkfins0up, $10 by (_blank) Cpt_Urge
Special thanks as well to the streamers and co-casters:

    Image VooblyOfficial's (germany) NilPferD, (uk) SMB360, (usa) Killer_B, (austria) Clemensor with (brazil) FeAge, (australia) robo, (brazil) RiuT, (sweden) BuLLeT, (spain) TaToH // (spain) FOPT_Membrillo // (usa) T90Official
You find all YouTube videos here. There are rumors T90 will stream the recorded games of the Grand Final some day.

Thanks to all for being with us and have a good 2017!
(switzerland) pumukel & (uk) SMB360
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