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Extension of Double Elimination & POV Streaming

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Re: Extension of Double Elimination & POV Streaming

Postby  SiFly » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:58 pm

  26 Jan 2017, 18:46 GMT » Fall wrote:
I'm referring to this tournament, not previous ones.

PoV Streams do not confer an in-game advantage to the streamer. They offer variety for viewers. Banning them is just boring.

To some extent they do. It's not so rare to see the chat talk about what the enemies do, with standard delay this can be really valuable information in slower strategical maps like arena, or when they do a sneak etc. If by chance the streamer sees this on his 2nd monitor, he got a decent advantage with this otherwise unknown information.

Most of the times streamers won't notice these things in chat, but it can happen and I've seen it happen.

Recording this PoV content and just uploading it to Youtube later on (or rebroadcast on twitch) would be perfectly fine.
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