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NWB Rules and Settings

Moderators:  Kigo,  Killer_B_AOC,  T90Official

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NWB Rules and Settings

Postby  Kigo » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:56 am


The No wall Brawl is a 1v1 tournament played with the no wall mod. This tournament will have 16 spots for participating players. If there are atleast 32 Sign ups, the amount of spots will be increased accordingly. If there are fewer than 32 sign ups, the 16 highest rated players will be chosen.

The No Walls Mod can be found here:

UPDATE: Due to lack of sign ups, the minimum rating of 1800 has been removed. Everybody is free to sign up now.

UPDATE: The semi-finals and finals are now open for every streamer to cast.


Sign Up:

To sign up, please provide the following information:
-Your nickname
-The profile you want to sign up with

Scheduling thread:

Players can schedule games any way they want, but the time and date must be confirmed in the scheduling thread.

[Show] Spoiler:
Everybody, including the players, is free to live stream the games. The spectator delay can be set up to 5 minutes if one of the players wants it to be.
T90 will live stream the semi-finals and finals at
Note that this tournament is a user-run tournament and not a tournament. This means that the new streaming policy (as of March 31th) will not affect the NWB.

Prize pool:
[Show] Spoiler:
You can donate to the prize pool here: ... M93XZ8LKC8
The current prize pool is $45
Please send a private message to one of the tournament moderators if you donated money to the prize pool. Include your nickname and the amount you donated in your message.
T90: $25
Canadian Ninja: $15
Ryukan: $5

[Show] Spoiler:
Sign ups: until Sunday the 19th
Round of 16: Monday the 20th untill Sunday the 26th
Quarterfinals: Monday the 27th untill Sunday the 2nd
Semifinals: Monday the 3rd untill Sunday the 9th
Final: Monday the 10th untill sunday the 16th

Players participating in the Semi-finals and Finals are ecouraged to try and schedule for a time that works for T90 as well.

Home map pool:
[Show] Spoiler:
Ghost Lake
Gold Rush

Download chaos pit: ... 2740549871
Download Hideout: ... 8445770810

Match Settings:
[Show] Spoiler:
Assuming 16 Sign ups:
Round of 16: (bo3)
G1: Arabia team random
G2: Loser G1 home map (hidden civ)
G3: Winner G1 home map (hidden civ)

Quarter-Finals: (bo5)
G1: Arabia team random
G2: Loser G1 home map (Hidden civ)
G3: Winner G2 home map (Hidden civ)
G4: Oasis team random
G5: Yucatan team random

Semi-Finals: (bo7)
G1: Arabia team random
G2: Loser G1 home map (hidden civ)
G3: Winner G1 home map (hidden civ)
G4: Viewer voted map and civs
G5: CM_Hideout (hidden civs)
G6: CM_Chaos_pit (hidden civs)
G7: Arabia Hun war

Finals: (bo9)
G1: Arabia team random
G2: Loser G1 home map (hidden civ)
G3: Winner G1 home map (hidden civ)
G4: Viewer voted map and civs
G5: Gold Rush (hidden civs)
G6: Continental (hidden civs)
G7: Viewer voted map and civs)
G8: Ghost Lake (hidden civs)
G9: Arabia Hun war

A civilization may not be repeated within a single series of games. This rule does not apply to civilizations rolled in a team random game.

In the round of 16 and the quarter-finals both players have 1 restart. In the semi-finals and the finals both players have 2 restarts. A restart has to be called before 5 minutes. If a map is bugged the map may be restarted before 5 minutes. A map counts as bugged if berries, gold or stone has less than half of its tiles accessible, or if the sheep, boar or deer are stuck in a forest or are otherwise inaccessible.

If there are 32 sign ups, the round of 32 will be played with the same settings as the round of 16.

Game settings:
[Show] Spoiler:
Game : Random Map
Map Style : Standard
Location : /
Size : 2
Difficulty : Standard
Resources : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Normal
Reveal Map : Normal
Starting Age : Standard
Victory Condition : Conquest

Team Together : [X] Yes
All techs : [ ] No
Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Teams : [X] Yes
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes
Single Building Queue [SQ]

Tournament Rules and Settings:
[Show] Spoiler:
All players must respect the Tournament schedule and times for each round. There will be NO exceptions or delays granted to ANY player. No excuse will be accepted for failing to play in the specified time. If the admins determine that a player is trying to avoid scheduling and playing the tournament games, the player may be warned, receive an admin loss for the game or match or be disqualified from the NWB.

If both players cannot come to an agreement in scheduling their match, tournament staff will analyze the situation, schedule, and time zones, in order to add a viable Admin Time that suits both Players, to the best of our ability.

Every player must respect their opponent. Bad behavior (determined by staff) will result in a warning and may lead to an immediate disqualification. Racism and discrimination will not be tolerated. Laming and mind games in game are allowed.

Smurfing and account sharing is not allowed. Any discovery of the mentioned will result in a disqualification.

Players are allowed to stream their own games. The spectator delay can be set up to 5 minutes.

All games are by default to be played in the Tournament Lobby using the VCOM Ladder. Most important, all games of a match must be publicly downloadable from Voobly.

After a match, the winner must immediately upload the recordings to aoczone.

Matches can be scheduled any way the players want, but the time and date has to be confirmed in an aoczone scheduling thread.

In case of disconnections, the game must be saved and restored. All of the .mgz recorded game files (multiple parts of the game before/after drop) must be provided when posting the recorded games. If restoring is not possible, the recorded game should be provided, along with any additional information to the admins. Subsequently, facts will be analyzed and a final decision made.

Once two players have arranged and confirmed a time to play, the maximum waiting time is 30 minutes. If one of the players fails to arrive in time, the waiting player must take a screenshot showing (so the current time is clearly visible) with the game room, and send the screenshot to an admin. Do not try to edit time arrangement posts in an attempt to get free wins, because our forum registers the exact date and hour of each edited post. Such actions are considered cheating, and the offender will be punished.

Goal is always to have games played. After your opponent fails in showing up you have to reschedule the games. If someone fails twice to be in time during the whole tournament, he'll get instantly disqualyfied.

If a game is not recorded, it must be replayed regardless of result and evidence of it.

By signing up for the tournament you agree to have all your games streamed and casted by any streamers and co-casters through using the Spectator Mode on Voobly, brought by the Userpatch 1.4 RC version. The streams will always have a delay to avoid cheating. There is no assurance of your games being streamed, but the possibility is there at all times. Spectating is allowed for anyone as long as both players agree.

New rules can be added and current rules can be changed (including gaming rules). However, Admins MUST inform the Players about such changes.

Tournament admins:
(usa) T90
(usa) Killer_B
(netherlands) KiG0
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