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AB HD: Rules

Moderator:  GmanStreams

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AB HD: Rules

Postby  GmanStreams » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:43 pm

Arena Battlegrounds :
Rules And Settings

General Rules
1. All Players must respect the tournament schedule and times for each round. A no show 20 minutes after the scheduled time will result in an admin loss
2. If both Player cannot come to an agreement in scheduling their match, the staff will analyse the situation, schedule, and time zones in order to add a viable Admin Time that suits both players to the best of our ability.
3. When scheduling all times must be discussed using date and time in GMT time. Check your time in GMT here
4. Every Player must respect their opponent. Bad behaviour (determined by staff) will result in a warning and may lead to an immediate disqualification of a Player. This tournament values not only great skills, but also sportsmanship and fairness. Any insult, racism or flaming will not be tolerated. Laming and mind games in game are allowed.
5. All Players have agreed to the No Smurf rule. Smurfing and account sharing is not allowed. Any discovery of the mentioned will result in Team disqualification.
6. All games MUST be played on Age of Empires 2: HD Edition on steam using all expansions.
7. After the games have been played the winning Player must post the recorded games to the AoCZone subforum, No Recorded games, means NO WIN. If they recorded games are lost the games must be replayed, no matter the result of the previous.
8. All the games must be scheduled and confirmed by both Players on an AoCZone scheduling topic in the relevant subforum.
9. In case of disconnections, the game must be saved and restored. All of the .aoe2record recorded game files (multiple parts of the game before/after drop) must be provided when posting the recorded games.
If restoring is not possible, the recorded game should be provided, along with any additional information to the Admins on the AoCZone subforum
10. Once two Players have arranged and confirmed a time to play, the maximum waiting time is 20 minutes. If one of the PLAYERS fails to arrive, the waiting team must take a screenshot showing (so the current time is clearly visible) with the Lobby Game Room and post the screenshot in the respective scheduling thread with a link to the post in the Scheduling forums where the game time was arranged and confirmed. This way, tournament admins will know how long the team waited and upon Admins decision, the Player that did not come might get an Admin Loss for the games. Do not try to edit time arrangement posts in an attempt to get free wins, because the forum registers the exact date and hour of each edited post. Such actions are considered cheating, and the offender will be punished according to rules.
11. If a game is not recorded, it must be replayed regardless of result and evidence of it.
12. Each Player MUST be fluent in English and is responsible for scheduling, possible disputes, and everything else regarding their participation. Can go google Translate
13. New rules can be added and current rules can be changed. However, Admins MUST inform the Players about such changes on the AoCZone subforum.
14. No Player will be allowed to refuse the presence of an official tournament streamer (Only 1 per game taking lag in consideration). Players must be messaged beforehand.
15. Players must only sign up one account and No smurfing is Tolerated

Gaming Rules
1. The game settings must be the following:
:Random Map
: Arena
: 2 player map
: Standard
: Standard
: 200
Game Speed
: Normal
Reveal Map
: Normal
Starting Age
: Standard
Victory Condition
: Conquest
Teams Together
: [X] Yes
All Techs
: [ ] No
Allow Cheats
: [ ] No
Lock Teams
: [X] Yes
Lock Speed
: [X] Yes
Record Game
: [X] Yes

2. Bugged Maps If a player starts with a bugged map the Player may decide to restart the game, but this must be said during the first 6:00 minutes (game time) without using up their one allowed restart. A bugged map is defined as: a stuck villager or scout, standard sheep ( 8 ), boar ( 2 ) or deer ( 3/4 ) not able to be eaten by vils, berries ( 6 ) with 4 or less sides of berries free to be eaten, a main gold mine (the 7 tile gold) with 4 or less sides of gold free to mine, a main stone mine (the 5 tile stone) with 4 or less sides of stone free to mine. Secondary golds/stones or extra patches of deer/boar are not affected by this rule.
3. Restarts:
In a best of 3 each Player is awarded one restart each.
In a Best of 5 each Player is awarded one restart each.
In a Best of 7 each player is awarded two restarts each.
4. A restart must be requested before minute 4:00 game time (remember that this is shorter than real minutes). The Player that requests a Restart must resign. When a game is restarted, the civilizations must be the same per player as in the previous attempt.
5. Any graphic changes that only affects the player's Age of Empires 2: HD edition are allowed.
6. Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players using any kind of cheat will be disqualified from Arena Battlegrounds.
7. All the game settings provided in this post MUST be followed. Not following them may result in penalties and possibly disqualification.
8. By signing-up for the tournament, you automatically agree with all the Tournament Rules and Settings.
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