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Expert Team Analysis

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Expert Team Analysis

Postby  SethGecko » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:45 pm

For those interested in the upcoming Nations Cup, I have compiled a list of top nations.

The order in which the nations are mentioned roughly translates to the expected strength.

For each nation, there is information about:
    - its top expert players (>2.3k) [shown in red colour]
    - its expert players (>2k)
    - previous NC tournament results
    - roster changes compared to NC II
    - the expected tournament result (1st - 8th Gold KO stage, 9th - 24th Silver KO stage)
Rank and 1v1 columns refer to the Highest RM 1v1 Rating Achieved (2013 - today) ladder.
The TG column identifies the highest TG rating achieved, respectively.

UPDATE: SL Knockout Stage Predictions (Quarter Finals)

GL Knockout Stage Predictions (China Frantic vs Brazil B)

SL Knockout Stage Predictions (Ro16)

GL Knockout Stage Predictions (China Frantic vs Brazil A)

GL Knockout Stage Predictions (China SY vs Brazil A)

SL Knockout Stage Predictions (Ro32)

GL Knockout Stage Predictions (WB Finals)

GL Knockout Stage Predictions (WB Semi Finals)

GL Knockout Stage Predictions

Actual vs Expected Results (Gold League)

Gold League Predictions

Actual vs Expected Results (Qualification Stage)

Nations Cup '17 Favorites

    (china) China SY
    Yo2nd25942224[1st NC I + 1st NC II]
    Lyx14th24242164[8th NC I]
    LoveCheng (yinghua)26th23382114[1st NC I + 1st NC II]
    Paladin (FengXin)42nd 23002153[1st NC I + 1st NC II]
    jibatong (23k)66th22281980

    Roster updates (vs China A NC II):
    - [NEW] Lyx (former China B)
    - [NEW] jibatong
    - [LEFT] vivi (28th, 2328, 1893) -> China Frantic
    - [LEFT] Miss_Xue (NO_23) (38th, 2307, 1930)
    - [LEFT] james (60th, 2258, 2127)
    - [LEFT] xiaoxiong (92th, 2174, 2000)

    The reigning two time world champions around China's superstar Yo are once more the top pick for the upcoming Nations Cup. As can be seen in the list above, some notable roster changes have been made. With two top experts leaving (vivi and Miss_Xue), and one joining (Lyx), China SY is once again able to participate with a full team of top experts in 4v4 matches. Last NC's core team consisted of Yo + LoveCheng + Paladin + (Miss_Xue/xiaoxiong). This year, we will probably see an even more dominating China A team with Lyx filling out Miss_Xue/xiaoxiong's spot. With jibatong, they also have the 66th highest scoring player as backup in their team (which already is kind of incredible).

    Expected Result: 1st


    (canada) Canada A
    Chris4th25142281[7th NC I + 2nd NC II]
    slam5th25122116[7th NC I + 2nd NC II]
    Hera11th24472059[2nd NC II]
    Ra21st 23632020[7th NC I + 2nd NC II]
    mentalist38th 23071937[7th NC I + 2nd NC II]
    Geen----2012[7th NC I + 2nd NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - none

    While it is already kind of incredible to have 66th ranked player jibatong as backup in China SY, it is even more incredible to see five top expert players in one team. Just looking at the numbers presented, one could quickly come to the conclusion that Canada is even stronger than China SY. What the numbers don't tell: most of Canada's players have not been very active in recent times. While Hera came back to AoE a couple of weeks ago, I haven't seen Canada's superstar and AoC legend Chris playing rated matches (yet). Their 1v1 ranks have decayed heavily (Chris: 2004, Hera: 2000, Ra: 2000, mentalist: 1937). Only star player slam is holding up the flag for Canada, still playing 1v1 games on a high level. Canada's tournament result will most likely depend on how much time they are willing to dedicate to AoE in order to reach their absolute best level again.

    Expected Result: 2nd - 8th

    (brazil) Brazil A
    RiuT8th24752230[2nd NC I + 5th NC II]
    F1Re11th24422259[2nd NC I + 5th NC II]
    GoKu40th23022114[2nd NC I + 5th NC II]
    Alive56th22602084[4th NC I + 6th NC II]
    BruH105th21561974[4th NC I + 6th NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Alive (former Brazil B)
    - [NEW] BruH (former Brazil B)
    - [LEFT] dogao (20th, 2367, 2246) -> Brazil B
    - [LEFT] St4rk (22nd, 2352, 1990) -> Brazil B

    Brazil is the only country besides China which is able to create two teams, both of which are perfectly able to win the tournament. Brazil A which is centered around superstar RiuT surely aims for the Grand Final, and is already playing practice games against Brazil B. Compared to the previous Nations Cup, Brazil A and B have slightly changed their teams. Legend Alive and expert player BruH joined Brazil A this year, while dogao and St4rk joined Brazil B. I'm looking forward to watching star player RiuT play because he hasn't been playing competitively in 2017 yet. With this line-up, they will easily enter the KO stage in the Gold League, any more than that will depend on how quick RiuT, GoKu, and Alive will regain their best skill level (F1Re's 1v1 rate is the only one which hasn't decayed to 20xx yet).

    Expected Result: 2nd - 8th

    (brazil) Brazil B
    dogao20th23672246[2nd NC I + 5th NC II]
    St4rk22th23521990[2nd NC I + 5th NC II]
    miguel25th23422248[4th NC I + 6th NC II]
    FeAge30th23212142[4th NC I + 6th NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] dogao (former Brazil A)
    - [NEW] St4rk (former Brazil A)
    - [LEFT] WraTh (32th, 2317, 2080)
    - [LEFT] Alive (56th, 2260, 2084) -> Brazil A
    - [LEFT] BruH (105th, 2156, 1974) -> Brazil A
    - [LEFT] Leo (136th, 2119, 1984)

    As mentioned before, Brazil A and B have exchanged some players. Furthermore, legend WraTh and expert player Leo are not part of any Brazilian team this year. Still, Brazil A and B have two of the strongest line-ups in this tournament, and are top contenders for the title. FeAge even started playing rated 1v1 games again to get back to his best level because it might be his last Nations Cup as he mentioned on his stream. Do not get confused with the letter B here, Brazil B will go strong.

    Expected Result: 2nd - 8th

    (china) China Frantic
    vivi28th23281893[1st NC I + 1st NC II]
    geoffrey34th23151936[8th NC I]
    happyhappy46th22901936[Last16 NC II]
    Whoop50th22701869[Last16 NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Tim
    - [NEW] vivi (former China A)
    - [NEW] geoffrey (former China B)
    - [NEW] happyhappy (former China D)
    - [NEW] Whoop (former China D)

    China's currently second best line-up around superstar Tim is newly formed and based on the clan Frantic. I was surprised to see that this is Tim's first participation in a Nations Cup.
    Originally, Lyx was meant to be part of Frantic, and therefore be part of this team. Only a couple of weeks ago, Lyx left Frantic though and joined SY, which caused irritations and speculations on aoczone. Regardless of the underlying reasons, China SY has made sure to get a proper replacement for the leaving expert players Miss_Xue and xiaoxiong. China Frantic, on the other hand, still has a topnotch team (and with vivi a player who already won the NC with China A in recent years).

    Expected Result: 2nd - 8th

    (finland) Finland A
    Zuppi37th23112122[3rd NC II]
    TheMax45th22972133[3rd NC II]
    NorthernPike56th22602159[3rd NC II]
    Rubenstock151th20992081[3rd NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Villese
    - [LEFT] DreaIVIS (--, 1952, --)

    Although Finland only has one top expert player in their team, they are really doing well in team games (just look at their highest TG ratings achieved). While legend Dreams is not playing anymore, Villese is a great new addition to the already very strong lineup. I expect Finland once again to become Winland!

    Expected Result: 2nd - 8th

    (vietnam) Vietnam A
    BacT7th24822301[5th NC I + 4th NC II]
    Yellow (saymyname)24th23442068[5th NC I + 4th NC II]
    ACCM52nd22672103[5th NC I + 4th NC II]
    CooL77th22062115[5th NC I + 4th NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [LEFT] Fish (65th, 2233, 2063)
    - [LEFT] SeOul (118th, 2144, 1984) -> Vietnam B

    Even with Fish and SeOul leaving, Vietnam A has one of the strongest line-ups of this year's tournament. Centered around TyRanT clan member BacT, they have the experience and skill to once again reach far in this tournament.

    Expected Result: 2nd - 8th

    (argentina) Argentina A
    Nicov6th25082257[3rd NC I + 7th NC II]
    JuanNNN27th23312152[3rd NC I + 7th NC II]
    Fedex65th22402116[3rd NC I + 7th NC II]
    Patin (SinSide)115th21471783[3rd NC I + 7th NC II]
    Gary----2172[3rd NC I + 7th NC II]
    Millo--20081989[7th NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Monoz
    - [NEW] Twigg (former Argentina C)

    Former 7th place in NC II, Argentina A has updated its line-up with two new expert players: Monoz and Twigg. Although Argentina A also still has the same players who did well in the previous editions of the Nations Cup, they are suffering from the same problem as Canada: some of their players have not been very active recently.
    Because Nicov didn't want to play without JuanNNN, Fedex even started a topic on aoczone to convince him to play.
    As it is the case with Canada, Argentina's tournament result will depend on their willingness to spend time on AoC. I'm looking forward to see who will actually play for Argentina A.

    Expected Result: 2nd - 8th


    (china) China EMA
    IamOK28th23281838[8th NC I]
    StrayDog (hagouhello)100th21651805
    Eminme120th21421922[Last16 NC II]
    IamMuzki (Ola)140th21141703

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] IamOK (former China B)
    - [NEW] Noto
    - [NEW] StrayDog
    - [NEW] Eminme (former China D)
    - [NEW] BAT001
    - [NEW] IamMuzki
    - [NEW] xiaohai

    China's third team suprisingly does not feature a lot of players from previous Nation Cups but new players instead. Or maybe I am confusing some of the names (who is BAT001?). Nevertheless, China EMA has a very strong line-up. They probably won't be able to beat China SY or other topnotch teams, but they have a very good chance to reach the golden KO stage.
    UPDATE: According to their main accounts, China EMA has not been very active on Voobly recently. So far, only Ola + xiaohai + BAT001 have been playing together actively on Voobly. The only reason I haven't lowered their expected result due to inactivity is that I expect their top line-up to be practicing on Voobly China.

    Expected Result: 9th - 10th

    (czech) Czech Republic A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Error
    - [LEFT] Lojza (18th, 2393, 2203)
    - [LEFT] trabant (--, 2007, 1756)

    Sadly, top expert Lojza did not sign up for this otherwise fantastic team.
    Czech Republic A consists of players who already play together as a team in clan events like RTSL. With Lojza in their line-up, I would even have considered them as a possible contender for the Golden KO stage. Without Lojza, they are still pretty strong but probably not strong enough for 4v4 matches. I expect them to either win the Silver KO stage or lose the final in a close match.
    UPDATE: The whole Czech Republic A team is practicing a lot, Janik being the only one who just recently started playing again (at least on his main acc).
    Skull + Janik + Error = ~2000 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 9th - 10th


    (brazil) Brazil C

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Mahori
    - [LEFT] Acerola (94th, 2170, 1936)

    With goodfella, Magnata, and Mahori, Brazil C has three top level TG players. Depending on how rusty they are, they might perform great in the Silver KO stage.
    UPDATE: Still no activity on the main accounts of Mahori and Magnata. Only goodfella and other players of Brazil C are active.
    goodfella + scrath + pink_floyd = ~1938 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 11th - 16th

    (vietnam) Vietnam B
    SeOul118th21441976[5th NC I + 4th NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] SeOul (former Vietnam A)
    - [NEW] Nhok
    - [NEW] RollsRoyce
    - [NEW] BadBoy
    - [NEW] TheGamer
    - [LEFT] Hot (100th, 2165, 1935)
    - [LEFT] BACHOC (aka?) (129th, 2126, 1942)
    - [LEFT] Madeincholo (--, 2103, 1919)
    - [LEFT] HK (--, 2061, 2044)

    UPDATE: i don't know much about Vietnam B's players. As you can see, they have quite a big amount of expert players signed up for this tournament. As for their recent activity, except for SeOul and Nhok, they are playing quite some games on their main accounts.
    RollsRoyce + BadBoy + TheGamer = ~1933 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 11th - 16th

    (germany) Germany A
    NilPferD130th21251970[Last16 NC II]
    Skittle--20731984[Last16 NC II]
    Andorin--20021961[Last16 NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] JorDan_23
    - [LEFT] Bender (--, --, 2226)
    - [LEFT] Arma (--, 2009, 1919)

    As for my country, I am happy to see superstar JorDan_23 signing up for this tournament!
    I must admit, I'm still not convinced of his comeback though because I haven't seen him playing so far.
    With regards to Germany A's expected result: of course, it depends. If the comeback of JorDan_23 is real, and assuming JorDan_23 is not rusty, Germany A is one of the top picks for the Silver KO stage. Skittle, Andorin and pedro are regular team mates who play a variety of maps on the ncZone. Together with nili, they are probably in for some out-of-the-box home map picks. Even without superstar JorDan_23 and charismatic leader fwb, they have a very realistic chance of winning the Silver KO stage. Go Germany! 8-)
    UPDATE: Still no sign of Jordan_23, the other German guys are very active. Therefore, I expect to see the following line-up:
    Nilpferd + Skittle + Andorin/pedro = ~1910 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 11th - 16th

    (austria) Austria A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Liereyy

    UPDATE: Austria A is ranked quite high even though they are lacking expert players in their team. With LB10 and current prodigy Liereyy on the other hand, they have two very strong players in their team. Together with teutonic_tanks or Lavie_Head, they should be able to reach far. Regarding their current activity, LB10, Liereyy, and teutonic_tanks are playing a lot, Lavie not so much.
    Liereyy + LB10 + teutonic_tanks = ~ 1910 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 11th - 16th

    (spain) Spain A

    Roster updates:
    - none

    Centered around top expert TaToH, Spain A will surely try to reach the finals in the Silver Knockout Stage. Although they additionally have former expert players ralber and bbk in their team, I am just not sure if this will be enough.
    UPDATE: All of them are playing a lot of games lately. And since they have quite some players to choose from, one could expect to see:
    TaToH + ralber/LaaaaaN/bbk = ~ 1903 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 11th - 16th

    (sweden) Sweden A

    Roster updates:
    - [LEFT] KR (--, 2050, --)

    UPDATE: At first, Sweden A was placed quite low in this ranking because they only have one expert player in their team. If you look closely though, you can see their other players' high TG rates and activity which makes for great predictions.
    Spaden + Slaktarnn + DarklyWise = ~ 1896 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 11th - 16th


    (vietnam) Vietnam C

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] FasT
    - [NEW] Chip
    - [NEW] ThisLove

    UPDATE: Vietnam C is playing actively on Voobly recently.
    FasT + Chip + ThisLove = ~ 1881 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 17th - 20th

    (japan) Japan A
    Chocobo82nd21961899[Last16 NC II]
    noboru43123th21331869[Last16 NC II]
    chart11--20521836[Last16 NC II]
    komtan--20401870[Last16 NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] chinge (former Japan B)
    - [LEFT] TokiwaMiao (127th, 2129, 1891)
    - [LEFT] dodonpa (--, 1958, 2024)

    Japan A has a great roster for playing 3v3 matches in the Silver KO stage. I expect them to qualify for the Gold League, and later drop down to the Silver KO stage like China EMA.
    UPDATE: Currently, Chocobo, Bustos43, chart11 and may__ are the most active players of Japan A. noboro43 is far from his old rate.
    Chocobo + chart11 + Bustos43 = 1871

    Expected Result: 17th - 20th

    (mexico) Mexico A
    EL_PUERCO_NEGRO--20061884[Last16 NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Tatakae
    - [NEW] Kyabe
    - [NEW] EL_PUERCO_NEGRO (former Mexico B)
    - [LEFT] DarK_KnighT (126th, 2130, 1974) -> Mexico B
    - [LEFT] Raicou_23 (--, 2060, 1889)
    - [LEFT] HEIMDALL (--, 2012, 1840) -> Mexico B

    UPDATE: Mexico A has quite some players, not all of them are currently active on their main accounts. Their best team according to their current activity and TG rates would look like this:
    Tatakae + Kyabe + Deadbeat = ~ 1880 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 17th - 20th

    (uk) United Kingdom A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Nick
    - [NEW] Igloo
    - [NEW] Rgeadn

    UPDATE: Fallstar and rgeadn seem to play less actively on Voobly than their team mates. NIck's high TG rate makes for a high prediction in this case. Let's see if he is able to carry.
    Nick + Igloo + rgeadn/Fallstar = ~ 1876 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 17th - 20th


    (usa) USA A
    Mattheus (Melkor)41st23012083[Last16 NC II]
    Timotheus (Feanor)--20012035[Last16 NC II]
    flu--20062027[Last16 NC II]

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Spring
    - [NEW] Metal
    - [LEFT] Hasan (Raiden) (16th, 2413, 2034)
    - [LEFT] Athena (--, 2064, 1936)
    - [LEFT] mohammad (--, 2004, 1714)

    Originally, I thought Melkor and Feanor did not participate in USA A again this year. Actually, they do, as pointed out by Clemensor.
    UPDATE: To my surprise, Spring's team rate is quite low (1727) compared to his 1v1 Ara-Huns skill. Based on their current activity, several combinations of players are possible:
    Melkor + Feanor/BM/Spring = ~ 1831 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 21st - 23rd

    (russia) Russia A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Keif
    - [NEW] Dench
    - [NEW] Kerch28rus

    Compared to the previous Nation Cups, Russia A greatly improved their line-up with three new expert players: Keif, Dench and Kerch28rus. Depending on how much they practice, I expect them to do well in the Silver stage.
    UPDATE: Russia A was ranked down a bit due to their lower TG ratings and Arena-only experts. Still, they have a decent team, and Vinchester is finally playing games again.
    Vinchester + Kerch28rus + StickyFingaz = ~ 1832 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 21st - 23rd

    (turkey) Turkey A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Eray (former Turkey B)
    - [NEW] Berk (former Turkey B)
    - [NEW] ekimku
    - [LEFT] Emin (59th, 2259, 2039)
    - [LEFT] jugband (90th, 2175, 2141)
    - [LEFT] Dnzdalgic (--, 2087, 1933, 1858)
    - [LEFT] Usain_Bolt (--, 2006, 2006)

    There has been quite some negative buzz around some of Turkey's players in the past. Hopefully, this does not affect the newly formed Turkey A team too much. Even with some high rated players not part of Turkey A anymore, they still have a decently rated team.
    UPDATE: Most of Turkey's members are playing actively on Voobly.
    Berk + Acemi/ekimku/Eray = ~ 1838 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 21st - 23rd


    (mexico) Mexico B

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] DarK_KnighT (former Mexico A)
    - [NEW] Xhing
    - [NEW] HEIMDALL (former Mexico A)
    - [LEFT] EL_PUERCO_NEGRO (--, 2006, 1884) -> Mexico A

    UPDATE: Even though not mentioned in this thread (since they have no expert players in their teams), Germany B and C would be ranked in the same category as Mexico B and France A currently, due to their similar TG rates and activity.
    DarK_KnighT + HEIMDALL + MiLLeNcOlin/Archlord/Xhing = ~ 1804 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 24th - 25th

    (france) France A

    Roster updates:
    - none

    France A's team is centered around the Master of Arena, edie. Although he made his way up to the top of ranking mostly with playing Arena, he also plays a variety of TG maps. With cebdos and VM, France has two more expert players which gives them a great team for playing in the 3v3 Silver KO stage. I'm not sure how rusty cebdos and VM are though (their 1v1 rates have decayed to 2000).
    UPDATE: With edie and VM, France A has two expert players who play Arena mostly. cebdos on the other hand has a very low TG rate currently (1647). All of this made me rank their team. Let's see if they are able to surprise us.
    edie + Sitaux + HaNiI3aL = ~ 1796 TG rate

    Expected Result: 24th - 25th


    (netherlands) Netherlands A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] PraYs

    UPDATE: Netherlands A has quite some active players in their team. Even though AngelinaJolie has reached a high 1v1 rate, his current TG rate is 1689 only. Not sure how well they will do in 3v3s therefore.
    PraYs + glokken + AngelinaJolie = ~ 1776 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 26th - 29th

    (chile) Chile A
    SobeK (Aizen)--20851926

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Burn
    - [NEW] waKKo
    - [LEFT] erubio (--, 2010, 1838)
    - [LEFT] TamohDaoh (--, 2002, 1836)
    - [LEFT] Nero (--, 2001, 1936) -> Chile B

    UPDATE: Just looking at the highest achieved rates, one would have to rank Chile A much higher. The reason I didn't is their inactivity. Only waKKo has been playing actively on his main account. If they use other accounts for practice, they might be underrated in this list.
    waKKo (+ Erubio + SobeK) = ~ 1804 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 26th - 29th

    (poland) Poland A

    Roster updates:
    - [LEFT] Kymu (145th, 2106, 1976)
    - [LEFT] Dziamdziak (--, 2016, 1984)
    - [LEFT] Buniek (2034, 1817)

    UPDATE: With JackK being inactive and higu + thorn being BF players mostly, Poland A currently only has two players as top line-up. Looking forward to seeing who will be their third.
    Barles + Bity_kablem + ? = ~ 1814 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 26th - 29th

    (venezuela) Venezuela A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Huts
    - [NEW] shoRk

    UPDATE: They were the last team to sign up for the tournament. That's pretty much all I know about Venezuela A. Most of their players have either low TG rates or are not playing actively. Even Huts is more or less inactive.
    shorK + zizou + (Huts) = ~ 1835 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 26th - 29th


    (belgium) Belgium A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] PROject_Belgium
    - [NEW] Gentle

    UPDATE: Belgium A is ranked low in this list because their highrates Gentle and MysticCloudZ are BF only players, and PROject_Belgium has a 17xx TG rate only currently.
    PROject_Belgium + Taufa_Ahau + ? = ~ 1770 current TG rate

    Expected Result: 30th - 31st

    (chile) Chile B
    Nero (Getorix)--20011936

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Nero

    UPDATE: Chile B actually has some really high rated TG players. They are on the bottom of this list though because (except for Nero) they are lacking activity on their main accounts. Maybe they are practicing on accounts not known to me, we will see!

    Expected Result: 30th - 31st

    (ukraine) Ukraine A

    Roster updates:
    - none

    UPDATE: Like Chile B, I do not see much activity in Ukraine's team. Actually, only classicpro is practicing a lot.

    Expected Result: 32nd+

    (italy) Italy A

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] pete_martell
    - [LEFT] Vodka (66th, 2228, 2022)
    - [LEFT] 01DarkDevil (--, 2038, 1954)
    - [LEFT] Luke (--, 2004, 1836)

    UPDATE: The only active player in Italy A currently is pete_martell. Other than that, they have a fairly low rated team with Vodka and DarkDevil leaving.

    Expected Result: 32nd+

    (germany) Germany D

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] Haiyti

    UPDATE: The last three teams on this list (GER D, GER E, and CZECH B) feature high rated Arena-only experts.

    Expected Result: 32nd+

    (germany) Germany E

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] stefan

    Expected Result: 32nd+

    (czech) Czech Republic B

    Roster updates:
    - [NEW] DraConT

    Expected Result: 32nd+

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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  Clemensor » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:53 pm

USA_Mattheus=Melkor btw. and his brother USA_Timotheus aka Feanor should be mentioned aswell imo
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  FeAge » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:00 pm

Wow, thats rlly good work. gj
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  patao » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:07 pm

:clap: :clap: really helpful! USA A analysis definitely needs to be updated with Mattheus / Timotheus, but other than that it looked good to me
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  edie » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:13 pm

:clap: :clap: good job
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[14:21] poZ_Tammy says:
i dont play this game ..
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  teutonic_tanks » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:15 pm

Germany B isnt Stefan btw 11
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  nimanoe » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:31 pm

Great guide!

I'm looking forward to watching star player RiuT play because he hasn't been playing competitively in 2016 yet.

guess you mean 2017? 11

(argentina) Sinside is better known as Patin btw and I believe he was in 2015s Nations cup as well

also Mexico A and B pretty much swapped their teams from 2015, so everyone being new is not entirely correct ;)
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  SethGecko » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:36 pm

  17 Jun 2017, 20:53 GMT » Clemensor wrote:
USA_Mattheus=Melkor btw. and his brother USA_Timotheus aka Feanor should be mentioned aswell imo

Thanks! Did Feanor reach 2k as well?

  17 Jun 2017, 21:15 GMT » teutonic_tanks wrote:
Germany B isnt Stefan btw 11

Thanks, fixed. :D

  17 Jun 2017, 21:31 GMT » nimanoe wrote:
Great guide!

I'm looking forward to watching star player RiuT play because he hasn't been playing competitively in 2016 yet.

guess you mean 2017? 11

(argentina) Sinside is better known as Patin btw and I believe he was in 2015s Nations cup as well

Good to know, I fixed these, thanks! :)
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  223423 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:47 pm

good one! :)

Just to complete it: GerF has one 2k player as well 11
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Re: Expert Team Analysis

Postby  Snyper1_ » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:58 pm

Great job, nice to read! Would have been even better if you put the range closer, i guess places 2-8 is so hard to say :D

Sometimes the 1v1 rates are based on a map called arena which makes them less significant :)

Still a great work you did there!
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