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SY China Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nations

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SY China Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nations

Postby  prv_limb » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:01 pm


SY (china) Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nations_________________________________Europe & Africa


Teams_______________Team Leader/External OperatorTeams_______________Team Leader/External Operator
ImageAustria A LB10Roster ImageAustria B ClemensorRoster Image
Belarus A OLADUSHEKRoster ImageBelgium A Little_Yo (EO)Roster Image
Belgium B G00BYRoster ImageCzech Republic A OvenkaRoster Image
Czech Republic B Jarosa89Roster ImageDenmark A streetpeteRoster Image
Finland A ZuppiRoster ImageFinland B JupeRoster Image
France A poZ_edieRoster ImageFrance B WOTC_Cl3m3nTRoster Image
France C TarsizRoster ImageGermany A Tsu_NilPferDRoster Image
Germany B JaySquaredRoster ImageGermany C damax11Roster Image
Germany D SteppenwolfRoster ImageGermany E AkeNoRoster Image
Germany F Toom03Roster ImageHungary A squeakRoster Image
Hungary B KaateRoster ImageItaly A Simocin24Roster Image
Morocco A DedpoolRoster ImageNetherlands A AngelinaJolieRoster Image
Netherlands B SiFlyRoster ImageNetherlands C nimanoeRoster Image
Netherlands D mma96Roster ImageNetherlands E levik7Roster Image
Norway A Rablebok (EO)Roster ImageNorway B RablebokRoster Image
Poland A PL_Bity_kablemRoster ImageRussia A VIK_WaRRioRRoster Image
Spain A PoxoRoster ImageSpain B ByrondinhoRoster Image
Spain C phisysRoster ImageSpain D Lord_PerezRoster Image
Spain E Enigma_CTRoster ImageSweden A AureliusRoster Image
Sweden B addstrikeRoster ImageSweden C RacemaTRoster Image
Switzerland A bulletchenRoster ImageSwitzerland B Haijuk1209Roster Image
Switzerland C maederRoster ImageTurkey A KuvvyRoster Image
Ukraine A classicproRoster ImageUnited Kingdom A FallRoster Image
United Kingdom B SMB360Roster ImageUnited Kingdom C _HyunARoster Image

SY (china) Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nations______________________________________Americas


Teams_______________Team Leader/External OperatorTeams_______________Team Leader/External Operator
ImageArgentina A FedexRoster ImageArgentina B Rb_SublimeRoster Image
Argentina C Gaucho_EXodo_Roster ImageArgentina D ImRiverRoster Image
Brazil A RiuTRoster ImageBrazil B dogaoRoster Image
Brazil C scrathRoster ImageBrazil D andreskbrRoster Image
Canada A slamRoster ImageCanada B MarauderRoster Image
Chile A ErubioRoster ImageChile B WisepiiiRoster Image
Chile C MA_aNGeLRoster ImageChile D DeaTH_RaDiTZ_Roster Image
Chile E BacanRoster ImageChile F OldKickRoster Image
Colombia A M4T4DoR (EO)Roster ImageColombia B kyomaaaRoster Image
Colombia C M4T4DoRRoster ImageColombia D Saga_SnOwRoster Image
Mexico A L_Clan_Cabron__Roster ImageMexico B LarreserRoster Image
Mexico C AV_HulkRoster ImagePeru A Peru_SementalRoster Image
Peru B ATILARoster ImagePeru C rikrdo25Roster Image
Peru D CGM_ZeusRoster ImageUnited States A Timotheus_Roster Image
Uruguay A Emphe_Roster ImageUruguay B KnoX_33Roster Image
Venezuela A obi_juanRoster Image

SY (china) Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nations__________________________________Asia & Oceania


Teams_______________Team Leader/External OperatorTeams_______________Team Leader/External Operator
ImageAustralia A PranPineappleRoster ImageAustralia B Zain_NaikRoster Image
Australia C noodleb0xRoster ImageChina SY YoRoster Image
China Frantic RennyCheung (EO)Roster ImageChina EMA Yo (EO)Roster Image
Hong Kong A rarenameRoster ImageJapan A _Chocobo_Roster Image
Japan B HacchiRoster ImageNew Zealand A matty_moo_mooRoster Image
Vietnam A ACCMRoster ImageVietnam B Curanh2006Roster Image
Vietnam C _ChipRoster ImageVietnam D VNS_KuTaTaXoa_Roster Image

Thanks to Taff for the images of the continents
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Re: SY China Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nati

Postby  prv_limb » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:01 pm

SY (china) Nations Cup 2017 - Roster of Participating Nations_______________________________Europe & Africa


United Kingdom BNetherlands B
Image SMB360Voobly SiFlyVoobly
MaGiKaLVoobly gmischaVoobly
Toady118Voobly G_ManStreamsVoobly
MilmanoVoobly derpina276Voobly
CpelhamVoobly KigoVoobly
Go to top Image
Netherlands AFinland A
Image AngelinaJolieVoobly ZuppiVoobly
GlokkenVoobly VilleseVoobly
VilagerVoobly NorthernPikeVoobly
Rogier505Voobly _TheMax_Voobly
GoldenEndVoobly RubenstockVoobly
Go to top Image
United Kingdom AGermany E
Image FallstarVoobly AkeNoVoobly
IglooVoobly stefanHDVoobly
NickVoobly King_MarvVoobly
RgeadnVoobly Sh4rkiVoobly
Go to top Image
Spain ASpain B
Image PoxoVoobly ByrondinhoVoobly
MoneimonVoobly c3mbrichVoobly
LaaaaaNVoobly MitosVoobly
BartVoobly _Really_Voobly
ralberVoobly KazeNoKoeVoobly
TaToHVoobly LockaVoobly
bbkVoobly I_LoVe_MartaVoobly
Go to top Image
Spain DSpain E
Image Lord_PerezVoobly Enigma_CTVoobly
_TomateVoobly CaLiGuL4Voobly
QuweraVoobly ErCaosVoobly
rCerVoobly VladVonCarsteinVoobly
I_DraGoN_IVoobly DM_The_DeathVoobly
GattopardoVoobly seti33Voobly
Go to top Image
Switzerland AAustria A
Image BulletchenVoobly LB10Voobly
ActionDuneVoobly LiereyyVoobly
BrizzleVoobly teutonic_tanksVoobly
T4K1Voobly Lavie_HeadVoobly
Euler_Voobly Imp_GotenVoobly
Go to top Image
Austria BBelgium A
Image ClemensorVoobly PROject_Belgium (speer)Voobly
loglog24Voobly Taufa_AhauVoobly
OlaffVoobly Sir_DukeVoobly
theCraigertVoobly idefix512Voobly
Shadow_trainingVoobly MysticCloudZVoobly
Go to top Image
Finland BGermany B
Image JupeVoobly JaySquaredVoobly
SamppaVoobly PhilippHJSVoobly
ValasVoobly _Snyper1Voobly
Sunset_Voobly ELQuarkVoobly
emalius2Voobly Tonic__Voobly
Go to top Image
France AUnited Kingdom C
Image poZ_edieVoobly _HyunAVoobly
cebdosVoobly Carlini8Voobly
_VM__Voobly Pete26196Voobly
SitauxVoobly BlotchVoobly
Eques4Voobly looroll12345Voobly
_HaNiI3aL_Voobly Jew_Mad_BroVoobly
xBzHxVoobly ZeroEmpiresVoobly
Go to top Image
Czech Republic AGermany C
Image CZ_OvenkaVoobly damax1Voobly
CZ_SkullVoobly _Sali_Voobly
CZ_MangoVoobly chaos_2_winVoobly
JanikVoobly AnsbaldVoobly
Error_czVoobly homers84Voobly
ExITVoobly schmoooofVoobly
Go to top Image
Turkey ASpain C
Image Kuvvy1Voobly PhisysVoobly
BaDreaMVoobly zuritxVoobly
Eray_Voobly _AreSS_Voobly
ekimkuVoobly HengisMasterVoobly
Marvelous_Voobly LaGuEnSVoobly
StrykerVoobly PecaPigVoobly
Acemi_v03Voobly DareMVoobly
Go to top Image
Norway BSwitzerland C
Image RablebokVoobly maederVoobly
The_J0k3rVoobly lufabiioVoobly
HJFEVoobly Conqueror_CHVoobly
pookyVoobly choebusmiVoobly
Cong4everVoobly RAYDEN_CHVoobly
Go to top Image
France CHungary A
Image TarsizVoobly squeakVoobly
TriRemVoobly Leto_Mallory_Voobly
n1oukVoobly paradoxon_Voobly
blackbird806Voobly Feynman_Voobly
Mr_RampageVoobly Leto_tromboneVoobly
Go to top Image
France BSweden A
Image Cl3m3nTVoobly RFR_DarklyWiseVoobly
TimbrhoggvandiVoobly SpadenVoobly
AOKI_SharKVoobly RFR_BuLLeT__Voobly
I_Sniper_Voobly SlaktarnnVoobly
OGNVoobly GripenVoobly
ArterrasVoobly luffisVoobly
Go to top Image
Belgium BRussia A
Image G00BYVoobly VIK_WaRRioRVoobly
YellowFlash2Voobly VIK_VinchesterVoobly
Filthy__Voobly VIK_DenchVoobly
Djenghis_SamVoobly TheKkeifVoobly
BogsVoobly StickyFingazVoobly
Little_YoVoobly TK_Kerch28rusVoobly
Go to top Image
Hungary BSweden B
Image kThuNVoobly AddstrikeVoobly
Leto_JeckyllVoobly RFR_WipeVoobly
Cor_AngarVoobly GanjiVoobly
MiMMo_Voobly _Meandor_Voobly
Go to top Image
Morocco AGermany D
Image DedpoolVoobly RizaVoobly
BuzZ_imomar_Voobly BuzZ_BleysVoobly
GregSteinVoobly PapayapapstVoobly
MegaMind__Voobly BuzZ_Alk0h0lixXVoobly
MacLuffyVoobly HaiytiVoobly
VladimirIlitchVoobly NORTH_NordwindVoobly
ChaFaR_Voobly YelurVoobly
Go to top Image
Poland ADenmark A
Image PL_Bity_kablemVoobly StreetpeteVoobly
BarlesVoobly Mr_PoxycatVoobly
PL_ThornwaldVoobly ChraziniVoobly
PL_JackK_Voobly Dobbs351Voobly
HigurashiVoobly FijureVoobly
Go to top Image
Czech Republic BSwitzerland B
Image JarosaVoobly HaijukVoobly
DraCoNTVoobly LordNobodyVoobly
BulbasaurRoXVoobly ZagdushVoobly
CZ_ChristheCoVoobly MuZoVoobly
CZ_karykVoobly fcz4everVoobly
Go to top Image
Germany FSweden C
Image Toom03Voobly RacemaTVoobly
_Sh4Y_Voobly RFR_mratinVoobly
tom7496Voobly AtTheGates_Voobly
MjoelnirVoobly ManeterVoobly
torminaterVoobly PlaagueeVoobly
FlowAoCVoobly _Ziddy_Voobly
Go to top Image
Norway ANetherlands E
Image rabbeleetVoobly levik7Voobly
The_PenetratoR_Voobly NLanacondaVoobly
KnasKnasVoobly AgeofTweakersVoobly
BuzZ_SinkenVoobly RattleshirtVoobly
BuzZ_BadtripVoobly mallootVoobly
PewrVoobly StaalsVoobly
Go to top Image
Netherlands CNetherlands D
Image nimanoeVoobly mma96Voobly
iViktoriusVoobly Dutch_ClassVoobly
HenkDeSuperNerdVoobly MC_BlueLightsVoobly
FogHornVoobly NederplebsVoobly
QuerosVoobly SacramonyVoobly
Go to top Image
Germany ABelarus A
Image Tsu_NilPferDVoobly OLADUSHEKVoobly
_AndorinVoobly AndreI_MVoobly
_pedro___Voobly Opera_Voobly
SkittleVoobly button10Voobly
Go to top Image
Ukraine AItaly A
Image classicproVoobly KamigawaVoobly
CrossfadeVoobly nanimarenVoobly
TK_TruenerevarVoobly Wer_NiceVoobly
ExpectNoMersyVoobly _Basher_Voobly
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Re: SY China Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nati

Postby  prv_limb » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:01 pm

SY (china) Nations Cup 2017 - Roster of Participating Nations____________________________________Americas


Chile ABrazil B
Image ErubioVoobly dogaoVoobly
SobeKVoobly miguelzinVoobly
RcL_Katon__Voobly St4rkVoobly
wAkKoVoobly SlipKn0T_FeAgeVoobly
Go to top Image
Chile BChile D
Image WisepiiVoobly PanZeRs___Voobly
RcL_NeroVoobly _Banshee_Voobly
RcL_WhitecourtVoobly __RusherVoobly
RcL_NoisickVoobly _Felipe_Voobly
Go to top Image
United States AArgentina A
Image USA_TimotheusVoobly FedexVoobly
USA_MattheusVoobly NicovVoobly
USA_BMVoobly MilloVoobly
USA_DLamVoobly PatinVoobly
USA_fluVoobly MonozVoobly
USA_MetaltheusVoobly JuanNNNVoobly
USA_SpringVoobly GaryVoobly
USA_RabbitVoobly TwiggVoobly
Go to top Image
Mexico CColombia C
Image MonstruoVoobly M4T4DoRVoobly
Kaname__Voobly _Jincho_Voobly
SanchitoVoobly davilex__Voobly
SanninVoobly _duvanVoobly
W1nds_Voobly JUDASVoobly
Go to top Image
Colombia AChile C
Image MpD_Voobly KinderVoobly
X_oNVoobly RcL_MounstroVoobly
GaMiNVoobly iturraVoobly
_Angellus_Voobly _SaianSupaVoobly
Go to top Image
Mexico AArgentina C
Image EL_PUERCO_NEGROVoobly EXodoVoobly
LA_OVEJA_NEGRAVoobly M4Te_Voobly
Kyabe_Voobly ___BlaCK___Voobly
CsI_TatakaeVoobly pinguiVoobly
EL_AGUILA_BLANCVoobly _WarsteinerVoobly
MirindaToPVoobly EnBolasVoobly
Batichoto_Voobly BoOmMeRVoobly
Siesta_Voobly MachoTe85Voobly
TommyVoobly PocaSodaVoobly
Go to top Image
Uruguay AUruguay B
Image __Emphe__Voobly KnoX_33Voobly
RayodeSombraVoobly _RafaxVoobly
_Addict__Voobly antena3Voobly
nasomanyaVoobly GuberreVoobly
malankanambalanVoobly Jenizaro_eliteVoobly
Locura_TricolorVoobly ragnar_marsVoobly
__Ramsey__Voobly AbreunicoVoobly
karibe_con_kVoobly ESTRATEGA18Voobly
Go to top Image
Brazil ABrazil C
Image RiuTVoobly _scrath_Voobly
F1ReVoobly _Magnata_Voobly
GoKu_Voobly BuzZ_daNkaVoobly
Alive_KGBVoobly JosepretoVoobly
BruHVoobly goodfella_Voobly
Go to top Image
Mexico BCanada A
Image LarreserVoobly slamVoobly
VN_DarK_KnighT_Voobly ChrisVoobly
VN_HEIMDALLVoobly mentalist_Voobly
VN_ArchlordVoobly Hera_Voobly
VN_MiLLeNcOlinVoobly _Ra_Voobly
XhingVoobly BsK_PoisnVoobly
Go to top Image
Chile FArgentina B
Image chileno_ChiNoVoobly Rb_SublimeVoobly
ScoTherroRVoobly Bass_Voobly
gArGiMeLo_YoUhVoobly helloween_16Voobly
comercialVoobly __39_Eagle_ArgVoobly
smookaVoobly kevin23_Voobly
Megabyte__Voobly PauloDybalaVoobly
Go to top Image
Colombia DChile E
Image lSaGa_SnOwlVoobly chileno_BknVoobly
_AphroditeVoobly chileno_snbkaVoobly
Diesel_ssVoobly chileno_DoctorVoobly
marios2000Voobly chileno_manoloVoobly
Saravia_Voobly InKiSiDoRVoobly
JuLi4n000Voobly Cr45h_Voobly
MariscalNeyVoobly ___DiegoVoobly
Go to top Image
Argentina DPeru D
Image ImRiverVoobly CGM_ZeusVoobly
_AceroVoobly GG_VIPERCHINOVoobly
_Rotterdam_Voobly Peru_ComputerVoobly
_105_Custom_ArgVoobly GLADIATOR3501Voobly
Go to top Image
Peru APeru B
Image Peru_SementalVoobly AtilaVoobly
FullattackkkVoobly TheAioriA__Voobly
MrTempoVoobly _MarkitoVoobly
Peru_gissVoobly bigbananaVoobly
UL_King_TuMaY_Voobly Cronos_DeadVoobly
Go to top Image
Canada BBrazil D
Image MarauderVoobly klrz_askVoobly
_SorroWVoobly NarutoVoobly
_BlunderVoobly Spar7aVoobly
Red_Floyd2Voobly Player84Voobly
Ananke1Voobly _BORN_Voobly
Go to top Image
Colombia BPeru C
Image kyomaaaVoobly Peru_rikrdoVoobly
JuLiaN_1Voobly Peru_ChrisVoobly
_CamiloXz_Voobly _NitcomVoobly
cqwerty07Voobly Peru_NeverRustyVoobly
Go to top Image
Venezuela A
Image Obi_JuanVoobly
Go to top Image
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Re: SY China Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nati

Postby  prv_limb » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:34 pm

SY (china) Nations Cup 2017 - Roster of Participating Nations________________________________Asia & Oceania


New Zealand AVietnam A
Image matty_moo_mooVoobly ACCMVoobly
SirLaurenceNZVoobly VNS_CooL_Voobly
OctagonalDuckVoobly BacTVoobly
Pyrosaurus_RexVoobly saymynameVoobly
Go to top Image
Australia CAustralia A
Image noodleb0xVoobly PranPineappleVoobly
bug_eeVoobly LetsImprove_Voobly
RabidDropBearVoobly ALLCAPSYEAHVoobly
GrandNagusVoobly samaoVoobly
chirpasVoobly ChriStVoobly
Go to top Image
China FranticJapan A
Image Tim_Voobly Choco_Voobly
geoffreyVoobly Bustos43Voobly
WhoopVoobly chingeVoobly
viviVoobly chart11Voobly
happyhappyVoobly may__Voobly
Go to top Image
Japan BHong Kong A
Image HacchiVoobly rarenameVoobly
sakko_jpVoobly RayCcccVoobly
BnotyVoobly water_hkVoobly
Geass_Voobly mmupVoobly
hitenVoobly BunnnVoobly
4173Voobly moyatVoobly
geneijinVoobly _RinGoLcKVoobly
Go to top Image
China SYChina EMA
Image Yo__Voobly _EMA_snVoobly
Fengxin_Voobly IamOKVoobly
yinghua_Voobly IamMuzkiVoobly
LyxVoobly _LHD_xiaohaiVoobly
_23k_Voobly BAT001Voobly
Go to top Image
Australia BVietnam B
Image Zain_NaikVoobly VNS_NganSao__Voobly
vitaminKVoobly Sida_RollsRoyceVoobly
BARlVoobly TheGamer__Voobly
Rhin0Voobly _Nhok_Voobly
Byzantine14Voobly Sida_BadBoyVoobly
Go to top Image
Vietnam CVietnam D
Image _ChipVoobly KuTaTaXoaVoobly
VNS_FasT_Voobly VNS_CaonguyenVoobly
ThisLove_Voobly Sida_Heaven1Voobly
chanhdeptraiVoobly ChocopieOrionVoobly
Go to top Image
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Re: SY China Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nati

Postby  prv_limb » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:16 pm

The following team names have changed based on the team's rating/seed.

Argentina B -> Argentina C
Argentina C -> Argentina B

Australia B -> Australia C
Australia C -> Australia B

Chile C -> Chile D
Chile D -> Chile C
Chile E -> Chile F
Chile F -> Chile E

Colombia A -> Colombia C
Colombia B -> Colombia A
Colombia C -> Colombia D
Colombia D -> Colombia B

Germany C -> Germany E
Germany D -> Germany C
Germany E -> Germany F
Germany F -> Germany D

Netherlands C -> Netherlands E
Netherlands D -> Netherlands C
Netherlands E -> Netherlands D

Norway A -> Norway B
Norway B -> Norway A

Peru C -> Peru D
Peru D -> Peru C

Switzerland B -> Switzerland C
Switzerland C -> Switzerland B
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Re: SY China Nations Cup 2017 - List of Participating Nati

Postby  prv_limb » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:39 pm

(belgium) Belgium A
Removed Little_Yo
Team leader changed to Little_Yo (EO)

(belgium) Belgium B
Added Little_Yo

(canada) Canada B
Added Canadian_Ninja

(germany) Germany F
Added Raenne

(mexico) Mexico C
Added Daddy_Hau

(morocco) Morocco A
Added ChaFaR_

(new zealand) New Zealand A
Added Rylo

(spain) Spain C
Removed Little_Yo
Team leader changed to Phisys
Added Lizanan
Added eLCaNaLDeRaY

(vietnam) Vietnam D
Added the full team.

(uk) United Kingdom C
Added ZeroEmpires
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