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SY China Nations Cup 2017 - Silver League Update

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SY China Nations Cup 2017 - Silver League Update

Postby  prv_limb » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:49 am


It's the final round of the Qualification Stage, after this weekend we will know who will be participating in the Gold League and fighting for the top spots of SY (china) Nations Cup 2017.

The topic is to update everyone on the Silver League.


    The Silver League will start with a Group Stage, the format of the Group Stage and the Knockout Stage after it, will depend on the number of teams that are participating in the Silver League. For administrative purposes the start of the Group Stage will be delayed by a week, the new start date will be 17th July. We aim to publish the brackets as soon as possible, the rounds in the Group Stage are not bound to a set date, so the matches can be played whenever you want, but all matches have to be finished before 21st August!
    After the Group Stage the tournament will continue with a Knockout Stage, the number 3 and 4 of all groups of the Gold League Group Stage will join the teams that placed for the Knockout Stage in the Silver League Group Stage.

Participating in the Silver League

    See this list for the teams that are participating in the Silver League. Teams have until Wednesday 12th July 23:59 GMT to inform the admins if they want to participate in the Silver League, see the Silver League Participation topic how to enter the Silver League.

New teams in the Silver League

    In the middle of the seeding process, the day after the sign-up deadline, we received two applications from teams that wanted to enter in the tournament. If we hadn't already done (half of) the seeding, the teams would have been added to the tournament anyway. The teams in question are (italy) Italy B and (vietnam) Vietnam D. They will be added to the Silver League in order to still be able to participate in SY (china) Nations Cup 2017. However they will not be able to receive any prize money if they finish in a position that has prize money allocated to it.

Adding new players

    All teams have the option to add new players, to do this send a Private Message to (netherlands) prv_limb, and title the Private Message: "Nations Cup 2017 - Team name here Roster Addition". All the information you need to submit is the same as with the original sign-up, see this topic.
    Teams are allowed to add any player to the roster unless it significantly changes the average rating of the top 3 players of the team.
    Teams have until Wednesday 12th July 23:59 GMT to change their rosters.


    The donations for the Silver League prize money is still open, see this topic for more information.

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Good luck and have fun!
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