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Postby  Nili_AoE » Fri May 26, 2017 12:11 am

Starting time has changed to 17GMT

Low - Friday
(switzerland) pumukel
(netherlands) Vorona
(germany) Roechelrochen
(armenia) Ishpuini
(antarctica) Derpina276
(switzerland) Euler_
(latvia) Klavskis
(germany) King_Marv

Waiting list:
1. (germany) AkeNo
2. (australia) LetsImprove_
3. (netherlands) HenkDeSuperNerd
4. (finland) Jupe
5. (norway) buddy
6. (belgium) idefix512

High - Saturday
(vietnam) ACCM
(norway) _MbL_
(czech) DraCoNT
(brazil) miguel
(russia) VIK_WaRRioR
(serbia) _DauT_
(spain) TaToH
(israel) Terror

Waiting list:
Rubenstock: GO OTHER CIV?
Rubenstock: BRITS?
Jidba: i want horse
Jidba: or goths
Rubenstock: CHINA?
Jidba: not horse based
Jidba: lets play something funny
Jidba: with action
Jidba: i mean horse
Jidba: like real horse
Jidba: real real horse u know
Rubenstock: OK
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