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TEC Season 1 Gold League Pack

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TEC Season 1 Gold League Pack

Postby  pumukel » Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:51 pm

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Round 1
(vietnam) ACCM 3:1 Spaden (sweden)
(russia) Vinchester 3:DQ tobi (portugal) (4 recs)
(finland) Zuppi 2:2 Vodka (italy)
(canada) mentalist 2:2 SeOul (vietnam)
(canada) Hera DQ:3 Edie (france) (4 recs)
(denmark) Kongensgade 3:1 Spring (usa)

Round 2
(portugal) tobi DQ:3 ACCM (vietnam) (2 recs)
(italy) Vodka 2:2 Spaden (sweden)
(vietnam) SeOul 2:2 Vinchester (russia)
(france) Edie 1:3 Zuppi (finland)
(usa) Spring 0:3 mentalist (canada)
(denmark) Kongensgade 3:DQ Hera (canada) (no recs)

Round 3
(vietnam) ACCM 1:3 Vodka (italy)
(portugal) tobi DQ:3 SeOul (vietnam) (no recs)
(sweden) Spaden 1:3 Edie (france)
(russia) Vinchester 3:1 Spring (usa)
(finland) Zuppi 2:2 Kongensgade (denmark)
(canada) mentalist 3:DQ Hera (canada) (no recs)

Round 4
(vietnam) SeOul 2:2 ACCM (vietnam)
(france) Edie 3:1 Vodka (italy)
(usa) Spring 3:DQ tobi (portugal) (2 recs)
(denmark) Kongensgade 3:0 Spaden (sweden)
(canada) Hera DQ:3 Vinchester (russia) (4 recs)
(canada) mentalist 1:3 Zuppi (finland)

Round 5
(vietnam) ACCM 2:2 Edie (france)
(vietnam) SeOul 1:3 Spring (usa)
(italy) Vodka 1:3 Kongensgade (denmark)
(portugal) tobi DQ:DQ Hera (canada) (no recs)
(sweden) Spaden 2:2 mentalist (canada) (no recs)
(russia) Vinchester 1:3 Zuppi (finland)

Round 6
(usa) Spring 1:3 ACCM (vietnam) (only game 4 rec)
(denmark) Kongensgade 1:3 Edie (france)
(canada) Hera DQ:3SeOul (vietnam) (no recs)
(canada) mentalist 3:1 Vodka (italy)
(finland) Zuppi 3:DQ tobi (portugal) (no recs)
(russia) Vinchester 2:2 Spaden (sweden)

Round 7
(vietnam) ACCM 2:2 Kongensgade (denmark)
(usa) Spring 3:DQ Hera (canada) (4 recs)
(france) Edie 2:2 mentalist (canada)
(vietnam) SeOul 0:3 Zuppi (finland)
(italy) Vodka 3:1 Vinchester (russia)
(portugal) tobi DQ:3 Spaden (sweden) (no recs)

Round 8
(canada) Hera DQ:3 ACCM (vietnam) (no recs)
(canada) mentalist 3:0 Kongensgade (denmark)
(finland) Zuppi 2:2 Spring (usa)
(russia) Vinchester 3:1 Edie (france)
(sweden) Spaden 3:1 SeOul (vietnam)
(portugal) tobi DQ:3 Vodka (italy) (no recs)

Round 9
(vietnam) ACCM 2:2 mentalist (canada)
(canada) Hera DQ:3 Zuppi (finland) (no recs)
(denmark) Kongensgade 3:1 Vinchester (russia)
(usa) Spring 0:3 Spaden (sweden)
(france) Edie 3:DQ tobi (portugal)
(vietnam) SeOul 2:2 Vodka (italy)

Round 10
(finland) Zuppi 2:2 ACCM (vietnam)
(russia) Vinchester 3:1 mentalist (canada)
(sweden) Spaden 3:DQ Hera (canada) (no recs)
(portugal) tobi DQ:3 Kongensgade (denmark) (no recs)
(italy) Vodka 3:0 Spring (usa) (no recs)
(vietnam) SeOul 0:3 Edie (france) (no recs)

Round 11
(vietnam) ACCM 2:2 Vinchester (russia)
(finland) Zuppi 3:0 Spaden (sweden)
(canada) mentalist 3:DQ tobi (portugal) (no recs)
(canada) Hera DQ:3 Vodka (italy) (no recs)
(denmark) Kongensgade 3:1 SeOul (vietnam)
(usa) Spring 1:3 Edie (france)
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