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MoA5: Prizepool and Donations tracking topic

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MoA5: Prizepool and Donations tracking topic

Postby  GmanStreams » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:57 am

We are currently at a 1005 USD prizepool!

(netherlands) G_ManStreams: $60
(switzerland) Pumukel: $20
(scotland) Mr_GPN: $25
(germany) Wattle: $50
(_blank) drflabbypants: $10
(germany) kc_Ereon: $60
(_blank) Anonymous: $350
(israel) JonSlow & Viewers: $49*
(_blank) Anonymous: $30
(usa) T90 & Viewers: $100
(netherlands) iVik: $50
(_blank) Viga_TCB: $5*
(usa) _Andrew: $30
(_blank) Anonymous : $5
(netherlands) Snellefiets: $25
(belgium) 2Guardian_Angel: $40
(_blank) Anonymous: $25
(spain) MembTV: $66
(sweden) Anonymous: $5

Use this link to donate:
Make sure to include your country and username if you want to be listed here.

*less then send, because of fees.

Final Prizepool distribution: 45%/30%/15%/10% for place 1/2/3/4 respectivly
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