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MoA5: Regarding POV streaming

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MoA5: Regarding POV streaming

Postby  GmanStreams » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:31 pm

A while back I made this rule active:

  01 Jan 2018, 16:45 GMT » GmanStreams wrote:
Rule change: 1/1/2018

1. POV streams are allowed (open streaming), but we ask that you put 2 minutes stream delay to avoid any kind of streamcheating/helping from the chat

Yet I have seen people stream POV without the 2 minutes delay. Its possible people missed this rule, so benefit of the doubt applies, however I am giving a final reminder that this rule is to be followed. Two minutes is not alot and quite some money is on the line, so please be respectfull of this rule. A POV stream of MoA5 games without this delay will result in an AL from now on.
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