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SF WB: China CL versus Brazil St4rk

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Re: SF WB: China CL versus Brazil St4rk

Postby  NigelSlack » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:29 pm

Rules: viewtopic.php?f=1634&t=134983
Civ Settings: viewtopic.php?f=1634&t=134984

Rule broke two weeks ago:
2. All Players must respect the tournament schedule and times for each round. A no-show for 30 minutes after the scheduled time will result in an admin loss.
11. Once two Players have arranged and confirmed a time to play, the maximum waiting time is 30 minutes. If one of the players fails to arrive, the waiting team must take a screenshot showing (so the current time is clearly visible) with the Lobby Game Room and post the screenshot in the respective scheduling thread with a link to the post in the Scheduling forums where the game time was arranged and confirmed. This way, tournament admins will know how long the team waited, and, upon Admins decision, the player that did not show up might get an Admin Loss for the games. Do not try to edit time arrangement posts in an attempt to get free wins, because the forum registers the exact date and hour of each edited post. Such actions are considered cheating, and the offender will be punished according to rules.

1:30 Hour into game lobby, lots of ppl trying to help, didn't worked, following it, asked for AW, according to the rules, Admin ignores it, and ask me to reschedule.
Stated that wouldn't do it, because already had plans for the next weekend, which would be a "free one" either result of the game (winning, would have 1 week more to schedule vs Viper, losing, would have to wait for Lower Bracket), making it totally fair for me to make plans not even thinking about showing up to play anything.

After Rules being ignored, and somehow no penalty/bonus whatever made to compensate for that, we were given 1 more week to schedule, went for it, which wouldn't **** up with my plans, but would delay the tourney in 1 week, ok, accepting this decision we agree to play today, 12gmt, we both showed up, right version this time (oh wait, isn't there some firewall bullshit or smtg? how can it instantly work this time... guess miracles happen).

And them things start to get off the rail

G1 - We start in Arabia, and ofc, got my civ revealed (but his aswell, so we just pretend nothing happen and keep playing)
Once again, no penalty/bonus applied, by any means.

G3/G4, the Berber vs Magyar one, once CL puts all his relics in the monastery, Relic Count starts! (oh ofc 11) and game would depend on CL taking of relics from monastery (so if he just forget it.. what happens? :roll: )

After score was 3-2 (in my favor, despite the odds) we went to play G6:
G6: Hidden pick from: (Ethiopians, Indians, Incas)

Not so rock/paper/scissor, but still, a great advantage if you KNOW what civ you enemy will use, since u can react to that by choosing one that fits your strategy: for example, if my enemy will get Indian, i'll use Ehi for the free halb bonus, and abuse of it. (was a way of doing so)

After we waited for few mins in game (wich is acceptable, since in every tourney we stop to drink water, go to wc or whatever) game launch, and i give my civ: Indian, what's his? Celts!

Ofc, i don't speak chinese, so i can't explain CL what's happening, (tried)
So we resume to lobby.

Now this guy KNOWs my civ, from the decider game, he knows the civ i prepared a strategy for. Even if i change it now, i would be gambling, and with no strat prepared to keep it, i'm done with all this bullshit, i'm having the worst FLU ever for the past 3 days, my head about to explode, not feeling at 50% of my capacity, totally screwed by a reschedule that was never supposed to happen, if rules were followed, but tourney is not about fairness anymore, is not about given players the conditions to fight each other and prove themselves, is all ignored, every small break of rules, if i figure out what would happen if i just show and my wk was not on 5.6 today.. i guess it wouln't end good for me...

I'm scheduling/rescheduling this, losing my sunday-time in order to play this guy, but no one seens to be concorned about translating/giving him the rules, so we avoid this kind of thing, he can just use this languabe barrier as an excuse and "confuse setts" forever, despite not beliving that CL did it on purpose, he still got advantage for G4. I honestly feel screwed by tourney admins this time, i'm **** pissed off to have to strict follow those rules, and continuously be **** off by having to "ignore" all small rule-breaking in order to "get the games played, to get the show"

I feel capable of playing vs CL, and to win him, since 2 weeks ago, this week i'm a **** zombie, even so i'm ahead on score, and game after game i'm receiving penaltys, just in order to get games played, i remember losing lots of tourneys, even on advanced stages (like last year RacerFXXX (don't remember name) tourney were i lost the 3rd place by not showing up in the agreed time). Rules have to be enforced, rules are to be followed, i'm done losing my time trying to have "fair games", the greedy for streaming content has surpassed the duty of following rules, i'm done with being screwed over and over by bad administration
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Re: SF WB: China CL versus Brazil St4rk

Postby  GmanStreams » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:38 pm

This match will be bracketed as: 4-2 (brazil) St4rk, recs will be posted later

St4rk as response to you, I hope you understand I never meant to screw you. I wanted to deliver the viewers a worthy semifinal and not an AW. Maybe my and our decisions were not in your favor, but it was never meant to personally attack you. Im dissappointed in myself that I could not be there to resolve the situation in realtime. However it is pretty clear to me that CL broke the rules this time and with no other explanation then: "he doesnt speak english" which is not good enough. He picked the wrong civ and he takes the AL for that game.
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