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EGM Regicide Edition Rules & Settings

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EGM Regicide Edition Rules & Settings

Postby  EscapeAoE » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:27 pm



    Qualification Bracket: Single Elimination - Here
    Double Elimination Stage Bracket: Double Elimination - Here


    • Open to anyone to sign up. The 16 Highest rated players (seeded by a combination of current rating at end of sign ups and highest achieved rating) will be entered into the Qualifiers. To be played between 1st - 8th November

    Double Elimination
    • The winners of each Qualifying match will progress into the main draw which will be played in 11th & 12th November.

    Total - $1500
    1st - $ 550
    2nd - $ 350
    3rd - $ 250
    4th - $ 150
    5th - $ 100
    6th - $ 100

Match Settings


    Best of 3
    Game 1 - Map Pack, Mirror Civs
    Game 2 - Home Map of Loser of Game 1, Captains Mode
    Game 3 - Home Map of Winner of Game 1, Captains Mode

    Double Elimination

    Winners Round 1 & 2
    Best of 1
    Game 1 - Map Pack, Mirror Civs

    Losers Round 1
    Best of 1
    Game 1 - Socotra, Mirror Civs

    Losers Round 2
    Best of 1
    Game 1 - Hill Fort, Mirror Civs

    Losers Round 3, Losers Final, Winners Final
    Best of 3
    Game 1 - Mappack, Mirror Civs
    Game 2 - Losers Home Map, Captains Mode
    Game 3 - Winners Home Map, Captains Mode

    Grand Final
    Best of 5
    Game 1 - Regicide Fortress, Mayans
    Game 2 - Winners Bracket player Home map, Captains Mode
    Game 3 - Metropolis, Mirror civs
    Game 4 - Mappack, Mirror Civs
    Game 5 - Arabia, Captains Mode

Tournament Maps

    EGM3_Paradise Island

    Home Maps
    Bog Islands
    Water Nomad
    Golden Pit

Tournament Rules

    Availability. By signing up to the Escape Gaming Masters Regicide Edition you confirm that you will play your qualification game before Wednesday 8th November, and will be available to play in the Main Event Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November from 13GMT onward.

    In the event that a Qualification game is not played, one Loser of another qualifier will be randomly chosen to replace the two players unable to play their qualifier.

    Seeding Players will be seeded based on their 1v1 ladder ratings. (Highest + Current (at the end of signups)) /2
    You can Sign up here!

    Players are entitled to 1 restart for each set, called before 4 minutes (4:00) in game time, unless there is a bugged map in which case a restart will not be used up.
    Bugged maps are where any food resources are 100% blocked or where there are less than 3 faces of your main gold or stone available to mine. Must be called after 4 minutes game time or have a screenshot for the admins. If you are unsure please pause and ask.

    Captains Mode
    Games which are played using the Captains Mode civ picking tool will use the EGM Regicide Edition preset, which is 1 Global Ban each, then 2 Hidden Bans for the enemy, then Hidden Pick.

    Each player must email their recorded games POV to immediately after the end of each match.

More Rules
    [Show] Spoiler: Full Rules
    Game Settings
    The game settings must be the following.
    Game: Regicide
    Size: 2 player map
    Difficulty: Standard
    Resources: Standard
    Population: 200
    Game Speed: Normal
    Reveal Map: Normal
    Starting Age: Standard
    All Techs: [ ] No
    Allow Cheats: [ ] No
    Lock Teams: [X] Yes
    Lock Speed: [X] Yes
    Record Game: [X] Yes

    All games are to be played on AoEHD with all expansions and the latest patch.

    Each player must email their recorded games POV to immediately after the end of each match.

    Civs may not be repeated within a match.

    In the event of a no-TC start (Water Nomad, Bedouins) – that is a start where players do not have Town Centers but only villagers:
    a) the first buildings constructed must be either a Town Center, Mill, Lumbercamp or a Dock.
    b) No Barracks, no Palisade Wall and no more than one House may be built until the first TC is up.
    c) No fighting is allowed until both player’s TC is up.

    Any graphic changes that only affects the player’s AoEHD are allowed.

    Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players doing any kind of cheating will be disqualified and banned from future EscapeGaming events.

    Players must play on a known nickname and must play on their own account. Players must not play for somebody else
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Re: EGM Regicide Edition Rules & Settings

Postby  robo » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:28 pm

Civs may not be repeated within a match.

Civs may be repeated if they are not banned in the drafting.

Copy paste error on my part.
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