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Forest Nothing Guide by Chile [ FN ]_Blackmore

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Re: Forest Nothing Guide by Chile [ FN ]_Blackmore

Postby  teutonic_tanks » Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:16 pm

  05 Dec 2014, 14:45 GMT » Er_Nachij wrote:
  05 Dec 2014, 13:56 GMT » TheMax wrote:
I'd love to see LNN in some tournament.

hi TheMax, i played DM FN in a tournament the past week and i tried to practice vs barbarian but i saw its not prepared the bo is very uncommon so.. if you want to made it:

5 vills on wood
make a house
10 vills on wood
destroy tc make lc
cut (trees from inside tc) until enought space for workshop + tiles to build it
kill 6 or 7 vills, get one or two SO
destroy workshop and open the map with SO
rebuild tc
start typical deploy for DM

if u want some records: first round game 3

edit: ups i now see u are talking about lnn not fn TT

Max is the god of LNN; sad that he plays so rarely :(
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