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BTA-playoffs-finals-ThuG_RuKie-vs-L_Clan_Chris arena

Recorded games that became part of AoC heritage

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Re: BTA-playoffs-finals-ThuG_RuKie-vs-L_Clan_Chris arena

Postby  Sky95 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:48 pm

  19 Oct 2015, 15:38 GMT » kc_Ereon wrote:
Feels a little bit wrong to answer a 5-year-old post, but it should be worth it. Enjoy!

dude your casting is great :shock:

it fits me perfectly. you make the beginning a bit slow, but then go fast into entertaining. Got most important parts in your vid and a high quality. Maybe make a sound a bit louder, but its not really bothering much. Big compliment. 10/10 would watch more often :D
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