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Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

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Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  T-West » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:14 pm


Have you ever thought to yourself, "Is there a way to turn the HD off on the HD edition?" Well now you can! With UserPatch 1.5 and the WololoKingdoms mod, all of the wonderfully broken HD edition features are now fully playable on the UserPatch version of the game.

To celebrate this mod, we present to you, Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP: A WololoKingdoms 4v4. This tournament will feature live casting of 4v4 matches between expert players. The games will be played the weekends of September 9-10th and 16-17th and will showcase the features available with UserPatch 1.5 and WololoKingdoms.

Want to take a complete map screenshot like you could in 1999?
No problem.

Want your Siege Tower to path properly when dropping off units?
Go ahead and hop over those walls.

Want to host a Special Map and not spawn in the same location every time?
Let the randomness flow through you.

And most importantly, want to play without HD's massive multiplayer lag, atrocious pathfinding, ridiculous spectator bugs, and nefarious out of syncs and crashes?
Then you're in the right place.

The tournament will be played over the course of two rounds. The first round consists of two best of 5 series. The winners of these series advance to face each other in a final 7 game series. All 7 of these games will be played, and the prizepool will be split up and awarded based on the number of games won.

Since Special Maps now work properly, the first round will feature a viewer poll to vote on which Special Map you want to see played. Pick your favorite of the following maps:
  • Enemy Archipelago Winner!
  • Far Out
  • Inner Circle
  • Motherland
  • Snakepit
Vote on the maps here, poll closes at 23:59 GMT on September 6th.

During the grand finals, we will be running another poll for a user selected map:
  • Regicide Gold Rush
  • Regicide Metropolis
  • Regicide Pilgrims
  • Regicide Socotra
  • Regicide Water Nomad
Check out the maps here.

grassDaut: (serbia) DauT + (germany) Jordan23 + (austria) Liereyy + (norway) Mbl + (norway) TheViper
Nadya's Boys: (latvia) 8th_wonder + (belarus) Lavie_Head + (canada) Mentalist + (uk) Nick + (finland) Pike + (sweden) Spaden
Nervo: (brazil) dogao + (brazil) Miguel + (argentina) Nicov + (spain) TaToH
VNS: (vietnam) ACCM + (vietnam) BacT + (vietnam) Cool + (vietnam) saymyname

Prizepool: $600
  • T-West - $300
  • robo - $200
  • Resonance22 - $100

Anyone is allowed to spectate and to stream the matches.
Players are allowed to stream their perspective.
Recorded games will be posted as soon as possible after the respective games are played.

  • 2 best of 5 4v4s
  • Teams seeded by an average of their current and highest Voobly 1v1 and TG ratings
  • Winners advance to 7 game finals
  • All 7 games will be played, prize distributed per each game won
  • Slinging is allowed
  • Admin re for a bugged map (50% of a main resource not accessible, or food not moveable to TC) may be requested up through 8:00 in game time, otherwise no re's

Round 1: September 9-10th
Finals: September 16-17th

Round 1
  • G1 - Special map from Poll - Enemy Archipelago
  • G2 - Loser G1 expansion map pick
  • G3 - Winner G1 expansion map pick
  • G4 - Arabia
  • G5 - Regicide Fortress (BCC3 map)
[Show] Spoiler: Expansion Maps
Expansion maps are located in the "Custom" map dropdown menu after running the WololoKingdoms Installer.

Acropolis: Battle on the barren slopes of your base as you defend your hill and conquer the enemy's.
Bog Islands: Small grassy islands lost in a maze of swampy wilderness.
Budapest: Two towns and a plethora of wildlife offer unconventionally intense battles.
Cenotes: An open land studded with sinkholes but only a few clusters of trees.
City of Lakes: An endless maze of lakes and rivers winding through a sparsely forested desert.
Golden Pit: A ravine filled with gold beckons but its depths loom treacherously as enemies lie in wait on the other side.
Hideout: A palisade wall provides only false comfort over the palpable feeling of enemy lurking just around the corner.
Hill Fort: A fortified stronghold perched on a mountain top may be virtually impregnable but scarce resources and lack of space drive players to expand their empires into the lowlands around.
Kilimanjaro: A massive mountain looms in the center, whoever conquers it gains control over the map's key resources.
Lombardia: A handful of cities on opposite ends of a wintry landscape must share, trade and coordinate in their efforts to defeat the enemy.
Mangrove Jungle: Players are locked in a circle of shallow rivers, surrounded by dense jungle, and with little room to expand.
Mountain Pass: Lost and scattered in snowy mountains, regroup your villagers, build a strong town and conquer the lands around.

Nile Delta: The lush vegetation and fertile soil draw both allies and enemies, can you win the battles over the legendary river?
Pacific Islands: A migration from one island to the next, where each island holds different resources. Prepare to have to fight for all of them.
Sandbank: A swampy forest line divides the team islands. It cannot be sealed and it may become the last source of wood.
Serengeti: Vast arid land and not much forest canopies to take shelter in, battles in Serengeti are fast and fierce.

Socotra: Close quarters and nowhere to run, fight to the death on the mystical island of Socotra.
Steppe: Dare you leave the safe shelter of the trees to hunt the graceful deer roaming the open ground?
Valley: A dried up river stands between enemy towns but also poses an opportunity as animals gather there to gulp down the last drops.
Water Nomad: A handful of villagers with fishing ships look to settle. And there is a plenty of marsh jungle to get lost in.


For Games 1-4, each team must have 1 player pick 1 AoK/AoC civ, 1 Forgotten civ, 1 African Kingdoms civ, and 1 Rajas civ. A team may not pick the same civ multiple times for these games.
Game 5 is hidden free pick. Multiple players are free to choose the same civ (e.g. 4 Mayans) and are free to repeat civs from the previous games.

Players will know all maps before the series so they can plan their civ choices.
Both teams must submit their map choices to an admin by 23:59 GMT on September 6th. The Special Map voting poll will also close at this time. Admins will then reveal the map choices to both teams.
If both teams happen to pick the same map for games 2 and 3, then game 2 will use that map, and game 3 will use the 2nd place special map from the poll.

7 Game Finals
  • G1 - Arabia
  • G2 - Loser G1 special map pick
  • G3 - Winner G1 special map pick
  • G4 - Viewer Voted map
  • G5 - Megarandom (WCL7 map)
  • G6 - Bog Islands
  • G7 - Regicide Fortress (BCC3 map)
[Show] Spoiler: Special Maps
Special maps are located in the "Custom" map dropdown menu after running the WololoKingdoms Installer.

Border Stones: Stone mines run wide and deep, separating both allies and enemies. Mining is the only way through and the use of stone soon becomes abundant.
Canyons: The fastest way to reach the enemy is also the most dangerous one - through narrow canyons with enemies firing from above.
Enemy Archipelago: Four islands, an ally and enemy on each. Will you beat your opponent and help others or will you be the one that needs saving?
Enemy Islands: Two large islands, each team controlling a portion of both. Fierce battles on both water and land ensue as alliances strive to conquer all there is.
Far Out: A vast, dry landscape with teams spread far and wide, battles on the flank begin early and only become fiercer as more allies join in.
Front Line: A dense forest, one way through. The front lines are at their most vulnerable as massive armies try to push through.
Holy Line: Few mineral resources lie on the players' lands, but in between loom islands of gold, stone, and a row of ancient relics that is the only border between the waging parties.
Inner Circle: Huddled around a mountain range and too close for comfort, players must descend into the jungle and seize control of as much land as they can.
Jungle Islands: Players begin in pairs in the four corners of the map. To make one's way to the center means crossing and conquering a neverending sea of islands.
Jungle Lanes: It begins with rapid close-quarter battles in the middle, but slowly draws out as players gradually extend their foothold in the jungle.
Motherland: Only a single duel rages on the large motherland until allies seize the coasts and begin advancing inwards.

Open Plains: Expanding savannah with sparse vegetation, both allies and enemies stand ready in an arrow formation.
Ring of Water: Two in, two out, river in between. Prepare to work together as both lands hold equal importance and neither can be conquered alone.
Snakepit: When enemies meet in a narrow passage through the jungle, teamwork and endurance determines who becomes the victor.
The Eye: Two massive peninsulas and a small island in between. And it is this island that sparks the beginning of the battle.

Yin Yang: A river winds its way through the map, separating and sealing off a forest-bound player on each side.

Any special map may be used for Games 2 and 3, but Game 3 may not repeat the map from Game 2.
All games are hidden civ, free pick, and civs may be repeated (e.g. a team could use 4 Mayans all 7 games).

Game Settings
Game: Random Map/Regicide
Map Style: Standard/Custom
Location: Pick the Appropriate Map
Size: 8
Difficulty: Standard
Resources: Standard
Population: 200
Game Speed: Normal
Reveal Map: Normal
Starting Age: Standard
Victory Condition: Conquest (Standard for Regicide)

Team Together: [X] Yes
All techs: [ ] No
Allow Cheats: [ ] No
Lock Teams: [X] Yes
Lock Speed: [X] Yes
Record Game: [X] Yes
Multiple Building Queue: [MQ]

TL;DR 4v4 Tournament using the HD civs on the UserPatch to be held in September.
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  Flow » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:18 pm

Awesome :D
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  MembTV » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:21 pm

gogogo aoc century XXI, great work.
Enjoy with my streams there!!!!
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  Philippe le Bon » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:22 pm

plz jordan plz jordan plz jordan plz play

**** you all
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  robo » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:25 pm

  13 Aug 2017, 12:22 GMT » Philippe le Bon wrote:
plz jordan plz jordan plz jordan plz play

Sadly no :(
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  Rorarimbo » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:26 pm

Well Done. That is the way to go, GL!
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  Nili_AoE » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:33 pm

Germany (germany) winning in the last two 3v3 Showmatch (including beating Brazil (brazil) ) and not getting invited... FeelsRoboMan
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Rubenstock: BRITS?
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Jidba: or goths
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Jidba: not horse based
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Jidba: with action
Jidba: i mean horse
Jidba: like real horse
Jidba: real real horse u know
Rubenstock: OK
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  pete26196 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:38 pm

Looking great guys! Can't wait :)
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  Kigo » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:44 pm

Hype! This is amazing
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Re: Forgotten Kingdoms Rise UP

Postby  Huehuecoyotl22 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:36 pm

Very exciting. Finally many completely new maps in a Voobly tournament. If this goes well, there should be more tournaments with the mod.
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