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Age of Empires @ gamescom

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Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  _PkZ_ » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:39 pm

Watch Age of Empires @ gamescom

A lot of news revealed:

Definitive edition of
  • Age I
  • Age II
  • Age III

And finally the announcement of Age IV - yes, there are going to be an Age of Empires version 4 :)
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  SethGecko » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:57 pm

Challenge: spot AoE experts
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  NigelSlack » Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:01 pm

What will MBL steal in new AoE? i'm a bit confused...
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  rmgracht » Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:24 pm

Cool representation of AoE2 by Zak and Killer_B. And how awesome that AoE4 is announced! I hope it will stay close to the original roots of Age I & Age II.
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  Stysiaq » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:11 pm

I just want the game to resemble AoE2 and not be some wannabe streamlined low skill e-sport that everyone can jump into with little effort. If it wasn't for Zak and Killer_B the gamescom stream would be 100% cringe with the crowd not knowing if they should cheer or not and what's happening on screen.

Until I see anything of substance I'm more hyped about Empires Apart.
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  DreamingFighter » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:14 pm

Definitive Edition of AoC II?

Please no, we have enough problems of community separation :(
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  Philippe le Bon » Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:02 pm

  22 Aug 2017, 14:14 GMT » DreamingFighter wrote:
Definitive Edition of AoC II?

Please no, we have enough problems of community separation :(

AoE II definitive edition is actually what I'm most interested in :!:

**** you all
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  Rorarimbo » Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:00 pm

Honestly I was never too hyped about AoE4. To me after AoE3 it was clear its very hard to make game as good as AoE2. Of course once they make it I will try and hope it is good. If they make it more modernistic not Anciend/Middle Ages. I guess it wil not be my cup of tea.

AOE2 Definitive edition - it depends really. If it is going to be on Xbox - No thanks. Its enough we are having Steam and Voobly already. It might bring some new players but not what we need as community. On the other hand this perhaps means that Skybox will not be involved and it will be done by Forgotten Empires (as they are doing AOE1 DE). So it could turn out to be HD Edition what should have always been. I guess they will make some visual improvemnts also but I dont care much about that. It can be something great but if they introduce it on third cliend better not bother.

AOE3 Definitive edition I dont care. This game did never intrigued me. I tryed it out few times but it didnt feel right. I hpe pl who play it enjoy.

AOE1 Definitive edition. It looks to be great to try it out> Im notsure how good will be for competative and MP gameplay but like the way they seem to be doing it. Once again the biggest problem is introducigng it to X Box.

Generally it is good news as these should attract more players and newer generation players to the game. But once again Im afraid they break smth esp if they introoduce things to XBox only.
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  klvowledge » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:41 pm

First off, thank you Zak for your work with Gamescom! We need that kind of representation in the aoe series!

As for AOE4: I'm extremely excited. But like the rest of you, I first and foremost HOPE that they do not go in the direction of "Age of Empires Online" or anything of that variety again, which I highly doubt they will anyway. Secondly, I also hope they do not continue the AOE trend and have the time period be set from Renaissance to Modern times. The AOE we all know and love allows us to play our cavalry/archer/infantry rock-paper-scissors dynamic that seems to hit the sweet spot on both simplicity and skill. With all this being said, I hope they take their cue from Blizzard: Star Craft 2 was exactly what (most) star craft fans had been hoping for, keeping the game play and overall feel very similar (from my limited viewpoint) to the original games.

Now for the Definitive Editions: I believe making a definitive edition for AOE1 is a really nice addition. I've always considered that game to be pretty cool, but I also grumble about the many problems with the in-game mechanics as compared to AOE2. That being said, it seems these things will be fixed, and I look forward to seeing some AOE1 definitive edition action! However, after already creating an HD version, along with multiple new expansions for AOE2, I feel a definitive edition for AOE2 is a little bit of a waste of effort. Nevertheless, I tend to hold the opinion that more AOE is never a bad thing.
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Re: Age of Empires @ gamescom

Postby  Dalv » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:49 pm

It's worth mentioning and discussing a very important fact: the team behind AOE4 will be Relic Entertainment, a worldclass RTS studio and maybe the only worldclass RTS studio remaining alive nowadays alongside Creative Assembly (which isn't exactly an RTS studio). So Relic kinda represented the only valid option for such a project. However, it can be a sword with double edges. Let's analyze this a bit:

So Relic has at least 2 RTS series which are ranked to legendary status: that is Homeworld and Company of Heroes. Altough they aren't as successful as AOE2, they are really good RTS games. I will be talking about Dawn of War, their 3rd RTS series, later. The experience and potential is definitely there, but here come the questions marks.
Company of Heroes is more of an RTT than RTS, focusing on tactics rather than strategy with very little economy and macromanagement, so while it does have superb multiplayer (at least COH1), its style isn't exactly AOE's cup of tea. Homeworld is a genre defining space RTS with many RTT elements, shining especially in single player with a superb campaign experience, with highly acclaimed atmosphere and story, but it sails even further away than AOE's magic formula.
We can conclude that Relic doesn't have much in common with a rock-paper-scissors historic RTS, but being maybe the only choice out there, it can be trusted as an experienced enough developer for a change of style. And I am rulling Creative Assembly out for 2 reasons: they don't actually develop RTS games, and the only one they did do wasnt so good - Halo Wars 2, even though you could say they were heavily restricted because the had to make it for consoles.
Very important though as a positive is exactly what sets them apart from AOE, their RTT nature. That can actually be a very good thing because while they wont risk making AOE4 into a full RTT game and have fans raging all over, they have got exactly what AOE kinda lacks of: tactics and positioning. Thats their area of expertise. So if theres one spot where you could improve the AOE formula, these guys got it. They just have to be careful how they fine tune it, too much shift to tactics over strategy would obviously be a bad thing. And Im sure we are going to see some improvements in Real Time Tactics, you camt just bring Relic and not use their biggest strenght.
But now let's go to Relics not-so-good games and even failures:
Company of Heroes 2: game ruined by pickable armies and commanders, which isn't only representative of whats wrong with games today, but was also tried in AOE3 (cards and home city deliveries) and it failed even though it wasn't as important as in COH2. If AOE3 had at least one positive, that was proving that such a design choice has no place in AOE.
Dawn of War 3, the latest Relic title: complete failure due to trying to make the game into a MOBA hybrid. While not legendary, the Dawn of War series were still good RTS games, a Company of Heroes done in the sci-fi Warhammer universe. Making the 3rd game after todays MOBA trend caused massive outrage in the community for a very bad product.

Now that we also got the negatives out the way, here is why I think Relic is the best choice for Age of Empires 4:
* Theres one positive I didnt mention, they share a very important similarity with AOE -> they dont make cartoony graphics. Having also in mind the bad example of the Age of Empires: Online fiasco, it is more than safe to say we wont see cartoony graphics.
* Relic started favouring contestable mainstream gameplay mechanics (progression systems, MOBA) only when they were acquired by SEGA. Not only do they have the bad examples from Company of Heroes 2 and especially Dawn of War 3, but they are now contracted with Microsoft (probably paying SEGA full rights for "renting" the studio) for this huge project. Microsoft will surely be a better publisher and big company to work for, and it's unlikely they'll force Relic to adhere to some designs they already now they dont work and they are not wanted by the community.
So yep, I think it's the best decision, Relic is the best out there, huge experience and amazing CV, I trust them. I'm only afraid about the age they will pick, thankfully by judging the trailer, it's not going to be modern, we can see elements from the eras represented in AOE1 aending up eith the eras represented in AOE2. So it might be a mix of the first 2 games! Let's cross our fingers it's going to be as close as AOE2 in style.
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