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Conquista - Week 5

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Conquista - Week 5

Postby  Cysion » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:28 pm

It seems as if the resurrection of Conquista was a great success! Many new -active- players signed up and I'm hosting daily rooms for Conquista players to meet each other. Or I'll hook you up with opponents that are up for a good match.


The resurrection is only one week old, but despite that, 15 new matches have been played. Most notably on people's home countries. Seems the new 5 army rule was appealing! Their isn't a real clear winner this week, as the "big civs" (Mayans, Huns, Mongols) just took territories of each other away. Leading a bit to a status quo on the map. However, the only real losers of last week are the Franks and my own precious Koreans. Both losing territories in favor of the Goths.

Conquista - Week
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I also really liked the games this week!

Info for players:

Check out the new Challenge! page. It now includes a list with people you can attack, their rates and GR and voobly info. You can enter your own rate at your profile page.

Notable active players that are always up for a game:

(finland) DreaIVIs (Huns)
(norway) TheViper (Mayans)
(finland) [RoR]Gus2Tavo (Celts)
(france) _VM_ (Franks)
(hungary) Adam or bleti (Britons)
(uk) Hers or CSA_B_Lyon (Aztecs)
(germany) Multani (Mongols)
(canada) TheBerserk (Byzantines)
(belgium) Cysion (Koreans)
(usa) [RVK]wHacK (Spanish)
(brazil) [RVK]cesarxis (Mayans)
(norway) BuzZ_BadTrip (Goths)
(sweden) BuzZ_ZapNap (Goths)
(sweden) _nG_Loki (Aztecs)
(sweden) BuzZ_Slam_ (Britons)

Other notable people to contact: [G11]DOOMPHANTS, barbarossa89 (both 15xx-16xx Teutons)

Info for people who still want to sign up:

Sign-ups are still open, you can join the fun here.

Coming up next week: Will the Goths keep pillaging through Europe. And will the Koreans be beaten back to only their home country? In other words, will I be the first one to be kicked out of my own tourney? :p Will Multani Khan rise again and face the new invaders that are trying to force their rule on his Mongol empire? Play some games and find out!

Edit: added new active players.
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