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Youtube channel "deeper"

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Youtube channel "deeper"

Postby  _ratS » Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:55 pm

Dont know why, but i've became fascinated with this mystery.

I am wondering if anyone else is folowing this channel and the updates?

The story is like this. Two years ago someone started uploading videos to this channel.
At first sight the videos make no sense but later on the videos have been decrypted and sounds analyzed through the spectogram. Videos point to the actual cold cases from Colorado. Videos point to names such as:
Stephanie Ann Bauman
Darcy Anderson
Edith Bernice Lehnerz

If you like to know more see this video from ReignBot who review's it:

The actual channel you can find here:

The last five videos have been uploaded just recently and have not yet been decrypted.

So since i know aoc community has quite a few smart guys / girls, is anyone investigating this? Also do you think is real serial killer posting clues or just some fake sick joke?
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