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what religion are you?

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Re: what religion are you?

Postby  livrodedaniel » Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:14 pm

  20 Feb 2018, 18:20 GMT » Poxo wrote:
The bible 11, when was it written? who translated it? after how much time since the events?

when was it written?

Differents times.

who translate it?

Septuagint and was found scripture at dead sea (perfect proof that was not changed by the time - just search)

If you want more answers just read and took your time, you will find more than enouth answers at History of Hebrew by Flávio Joseph who lived on First sec after Christ.

after how much time since the events?

Old testament, while was happening the history, except first five books that was written by Moses not so far of the last one, two and three generations (near historic time - Moses, abraham) and consuetudinary knowlodge about Adam, the first man, that not only the bible but more than 2000 civilizations had in their culture histories about Adam and after Noah.

New Testament, Sec I after Christ

Man, if you want to make fun of something, search about it before. Historically saying, the Bible is the most real deal that we have on veracity of books. No book had being more translated than the bible in all history, so its a simple taff to compare the translates and realize that the Bible is truth and is rly logic to believe in.
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Re: what religion are you?

Postby  livrodedaniel » Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:17 pm

God exist? what is the arg?

If you find a fully function clock you will know that someone created that clock. Logic. You dont need to ask anyone. Its more simple than you think, and many more. If you study how works OUR WORLD YOU WILL GET IT. We have a biogenese law, that we learn at school (you LEARNED also i think) that says just Life can create Life. That law works in everything. If you see a bee, you know that was a father and mother bee. Even in cells that multiplicate, they need other cell to create a new one. If you make a protein (do not have life, but compose the life) in laboratory, you will be the master living mind that created that protein. In the world we have standart to think. God is a fully logic evidence. Because our spirit and first man body need to have a mind behind of it.
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