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[tutorial] Voobly rating signature generator

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[tutorial] Voobly rating signature generator

Postby  BugA_the_Great » Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:02 pm



If you want to have your very own AoCZone Voobly rating signature picture (with info updated once a day, for now), and you`re having problems to make it work, just follow these few simple steps.

Detailed, step-by-step how to:

Step one - Setting up your country (flag) - check this link.

(click to enlarge)
    1) Choose your country from the drop-down menu.
    2) Click "Submit".

Step two - Setting up your Voobly username - check this link.

(click to enlarge)
    1) Enter your Voobly username here. Please note that you don`t need the clan tag - for example, if you`re member of [Clan] clan, and your username is
    therefore [Clan]_Player, enter just _Player as your Voobly username.
    2) Click "Submit".

Step three - Generating your Voobly rating signature - check this link.

(click to enlarge)
    1) Select your rating ladder (RM - Random Map, DM - Death Match, CS - Custom Scenario).
    2) Select your civ picture.
    3) Select your background.
    4) Click "Generate".

If all set correctly, your signature image should appear.

(click to enlarge)
    1) Your signature.
    2) Click "Save" button to save your signature (page will refresh).
    3) Copy text inside the "PHPBB bbcode for forums" box, and use it where you want to show your AoCZone Voobly rating signature.


For example, go to your AoCZone forum signature here...

(click to enlarge)
    1) Paste here the text you copied from "PHPBB bbcode for forums" box.
    2) Click "Submit" to save changes.

Now, when you write your forum posts, if "Attach a signature" option is checked ...

(click to enlarge)

... your rating signature will appear below your post, just like mine is now shown below this post - though I can`t be too proud of my current rating, lol :lol: (if you can`t see mine at the moment, it means I removed it ... for now :oops: )

Enjoy your signatures, and don`t forget - play AoC for fun, it`s the main point of the game after all ;)
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