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Is Impossible for a Inca player to win againts an Aztec play

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Re: Is Impossible for a Inca player to win againts an Aztec

Postby  xThomas » Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:49 am

Please note I've only played the mod version, and stopped playing a year or two ago. My thoughts are out of date and contaminated by what I read on the steam forums

The reason I do not own the HD edition is partly money, but mostly hearing bad things, and that the campaigns did not have voice acting (extreme turn off). If I were to give a civ review in the mod version, my impressions are very quick ones - I may not be fully accurate becUse I read the steam forums a lot, and am not sure of the differences. Now here I go

Bad- you nerfed mangudai so they don't kill all siege. I understand you did for high level balance, but fun which is so much more important overrules it. This is a turn off to anyone who likes mangudai or sees unnecessary, even confusing change in this. Not everyone uses mangudai, but we still like them. (We being the non expert, the single player, etc). And the experts play AoC now anyway so ultimately the normal player market is so much more important. Expert play is good, but first things first takes into account the main consumer, and then you will have the second thing too. this is the approach that I would take if producing the African kingdoms, but I have no experience, yet, still learning other things. (Later, I will code a game or two, but I have more important things to do)

All the Forgotten civs have pretty negligible effects on their bonuses. I mean to say that they are small, weak or not well balanced. They also all have cheaper this or that, which is uninspired. If I were to review them fast

[Show] Spoiler: My thoughts on forgotten civs, I don't really care about balance that obsessively
    Replace Italian 15% cheaper gunpowder. This bonus was unnoticeable in DM. A way better bonus would have been faster units, so much better. Silk Road makes trade carts cheaper, which may be helpful for gameplay, you must wonder how this is so relevant to average player. Condotierri are disappointing. I do not play water so I cannot comment there, except that you just made them cheaper which considering all the other cheaper things is so boring to think about. cheaper advancing bonus was small. Xbow guy was strong

    Slavs had potential. The siege being cheaper was too small a bonus, so again I do not particularly care in DM games of that and it was way too small to affect my rm play. The military housing was a good idea. The main attraction was the boyars and Slavic hordes of infantry! THAT was what we wanted from these new civs :) the farming bonus was just useless and should be dropped entirely. (Is it a reference to the harsh, long winters of northern climates? :D

    Indians have camels and tiered cheaper villagers. Don't understand the shore fishing, I doubt this is a reason to pick Indians. Cheaper villagers is a good attraction, but is too small. The elephant archers are reportedly great, but I read how they need extra range in official version for the visual reason rather than balance. I agree. No Knights makes every Indian dismayed, you can't expect players to adapt to this with balanced bonuses! (By this I mean experts can squeeze every last drop of blood out, and that is too high a bar). I would suggest the villager bonus to a flat 20% cheaper villagers bonus from the very start. Indians have big armies history, will need big economy. Because they lack Knights, it is a glaring weakness that can be filled by a bigger Eco, and justifies the missing knight line much better than camels.

    Magyars! Sounds fun, but I must disagree with the UU. I know you wanted a 'trash' Uu, but this is - again - not very viable in DM games. Not everybody likes trash wars, the uu could have been better. I also disagree with the mercenaries tech that removed the gold cost, it's weird... Cheaper scouts are ok, my build orders aren't very precise to use this, but the free blacksmith upgrades seems good. Do villagers kill wolves in one strike in the mod? Idk, but they do in the forgotten which is cool :)

    Finally, we get to the Incas! Right off the bat, they're seeming confused. The cheaper stone buildings takes from both the franks and the Mayans, ooh. The slinger was a bit weird to watch because he swings, and then stands still? Where I would expect him to be in motion continuously like AOE:ROR. Weakest eagle warrior of the meso civs indisputably. Slingers do counter elite eagle warriors though, which is very nice :) Not really remarkable otherwise. (Kamayuk was a nice idea, but not so safe from his counters, not a power unit). Incas are just missing a really strong main unit, kind of like Vikings late game
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Re: Is Impossible for a Inca player to win againts an Aztec

Postby  Coffee » Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:45 pm

They are doing English voice acting for the new expansion and changing up the campaign formats. There has been a lot of complaints about both so that's great news if you like campaigns. When I play a game I like to experience all it has to offer so I always go through all the single player options and then keep the game interesting by switching to the competitive multiplayer scene.
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