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Worst UU in the new added Civs?

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Re: Worst UU in the new added Civs?

Postby  predator145 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:05 am

That game i was flank and faced massed arba from my enemy's flank. I then had the other enemy flank send some eew to raid my base. I had 1 castle up and so i popped out some ele archers while scrambling for HC from my ranges. Ele archers drew quite a few of the eew to them (as they live long) allowing my HCs to shoot them. Then i turned like 5 of them to face the arba mass, shielding my arba, skirms and HC mix. Then more eew came, and the same thing happened : the eagles tangled with the ele archers while my HC shot them.They bought enuff time for my ally to send huskarls to the rescue. All 5 managed to survive the slaughter on low health.

So i think they're situational, much like popping out some emergency tarkans to destroy rams :D They're certainly not part of an early imp ram+arba push. But at least vils can't kill them and mangonels have a harder time.
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Re: Worst UU in the new added Civs?

Postby  ineedinternet » Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:10 pm

Still there shit post imp though
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