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Where are all AoFE players?

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Re: Where are all AoFE players?

Postby  predator145 » Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:32 pm

Doesn't explain why most over 1.6k even in GR don't play AOFE. People don't play exclusively on one server.

GR now is supposed to be the place to get FE games since it's dead on voobly. Yet it would be near impossible to find 1.6k or above games in it. Most of the "no noobs" room are at 1.5k- 1.6k. For a 1.7k and above it's near impossible to find equally rated competition.

The better players on GR all play 1.0c. A 1.0c "no noobs" room fills up a lot quicker than an AOFE room. One has to wonder why players that have reached a certain level do not bother with the game.

One of the reason is it's too time consuming to find FE games. But that reason stems from that fact that a good chunk don't want to play to begin with, giving those wanting to play a hard time finding games.

Instead of not taking any fault and blaming voobly, devs should try figuring out what drives players who have taken time to learn the game away. Voobly is mostly volunteer run, just like AOFE it's community based effort.

Sure, there were some circumstances beyond the devs' control. Yet it does not explain the complete lack of participation from most 1.7k and above. Yes, some people are too dumb to dload the thing. Many are too lazy to adapt to new changes. But my theory is that some of the changes viscerally upset them. That one change that you don't agree with that just ruins the rest for ya. I think many players have at least one pet peeve change with AOFE.

Imagine if AOFE actually gives franks free bloodlines and axemem +4 attack against kts 11. I for one will tell you that I would rather stick with aoc, despite the other good changes.
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Re: Where are all AoFE players?

Postby  Philippe le Bon » Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:36 pm

Franks just get bloodlines, not for free. And it's not +4, it's +2 when Franks are teaming with a Viking player.

**** you all
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Re: Where are all AoFE players?

Postby  Aguruchi » Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:48 pm

@ Genette.

Be my guest.
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Re: Where are all AoFE players?

Postby  Timotheus_ » Sat Sep 28, 2013 2:27 pm

Prod + me will try to get games going every now and then (we hosting a room atm) but when we wo it would be real nice to see those interested joining :)
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