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Four n00b attempts at Feudal Rushes

Daily recorded games

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Four n00b attempts at Feudal Rushes

Postby  Aelwrath » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:46 pm

Uploading here to hopefully receive constructive criticism Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

I also made a reddit/r/aoe2 post looking for help analyzing these!


Game 1 vs convers22: I try (and somewhat succeed) for a Feudal Rush. He defends against it, I fail to transition back to Booming, and I lose to his much faster Castle Age (and the Knights that come with it).

Game 2 vs Dieeeeegogo: I go for a 22 population Feudal Rush. My scouting is horrible, but his economy is even worse. I go for a Tower Rush and fail due to the aforementioned poor scouting, but defending against the tower takes a larger toll on his economy.

Game 3 vs LazyMonk: He has a horrible start (seemingly forgets to build a house at start) and essentially starts 1.5 Villagers behind me. However, I believed he had a strong starting economy due to his higher score. I'm guessing his score was higher simply because of his better scouting, but I'm not sure. Check out the first Tower I build at his Lumber Camp. He had to have laughed his *** off when he realized I'd rushed a Tower there.

Game 4 vs hangemhi: My opponent decides for a (bad) 14 population Feudal Rush. I go for a 25 population Feudal and am only 2 minutes behind him. My scouting is finally decent, while his is poor. I get a nice early Tower behind his Wood, which apparently causes him to waste all of his Stone on ineffectively-placed Stone Walls. He lets a few of his Villagers die to my Towers and surrenders when he sees my offensive Castles..
Use icon to link to single game from the pack (right click, copy link).
Use icon to download single game from the pack (.ZIP only, no folders inside).
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