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I am dying, Sieter Poland last words...

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Re: I am dying, Sieter Poland last words...

Postby  FillemUp » Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:19 am

Sieter, not to sound like a shaman, but imo you gotta go the unconventional route. Chemo/radiation offers nothing but pain and suffering with iffy prospects of survivability at best. Oncogenesis can occur for various reasons, not only due to inheritance. Your family history is a sad one though. A few things to consider regardless: Remove all processed foods/especially sugar, eat organic food (preferably raw), workout and run as much as you can (stagnation won't cut it, especially for cancer patients), check your pH (avoid an acidic state)... So yea, not to mention the obvious such as cigs/alcohol/drugs. Organically grown weed is actually beneficial.

Other than the aforementioned, there's not much to add really. It's up to you now. I don't believe in luck in such an event, GL to you anyhow. Think positively and make it your mission to conquer it.

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Re: I am dying, Sieter Poland last words...

Postby  Drunken_master » Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:46 am

I kinda agree with upper comment

I lost my friend to cancer, he was only 20 years old

Chemo maybe heal cancer but there is big chance it will come back. It renewed for my friend like 3 times...

U need to completely change ur lifestyle to prevent it
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Re: I am dying, Sieter Poland last words...

Postby  LegendOfSocks » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:16 am

There is a diet that my father used when he had terminal cancer and he managed to stay on it for about a month or so and the cancer actually began to dissipate or dissolve or something im not actually sure. However he got sick of it since the diet was so incredibly limiting in regards to what food can eat. I think only consisted of boiled paw paw leaves, this certain cabbage that was turned into a soup and a few other things I cant remember now.

But what is interesting is that as soon as he stopped his diet, everything started going downhill again but he never went back to this diet and eventually died from his cancer, so there are definitely ways I think to reduce or who knows perhaps even get rid of even terminal cancer other than chemo because that did not help him at all, in fact I believe it made him weaker.
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