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HD rating to Voobly rating conversion

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Re: HD rating to Voobly rating conversion

Postby  SiFly » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:32 am

  09 Feb 2018, 21:40 GMT » GmanStreams wrote:
  09 Feb 2018, 21:05 GMT » SiFly wrote:
Fake 1750 voobly, struggle getting 2k on HD


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Re: HD rating to Voobly rating conversion

Postby  _AZTK_vitkil » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:09 am

  09 Feb 2018, 01:18 GMT » Rorarimbo wrote:
Its interesting topic but the best way is to test yourself and see where you are on both ladders. I myself am 16xx HD and havent played Voobly yet. I have some problem installng it but its another topic its fair to say I havent been persistent enough. Anyway I have been thinking how Id do in Voobly thats why this question is interesting to me.

I have mantioned in some streams I have got a small medical condition whats nothing serios but makes me very slow in the game. Imagine Daut - Terror than 2 levels slower than myself 111.I havent tested it but may be really low apm. The issue is every time I need to click a key on the kboard I need to have a quick look what Im pressing and I cant use double buttons (ctrl +smth). To make a control group leave the mouse and use the right hand.Perhaps I could optimise a bit the hotkeys (Im not using that many anyway). Im not telling this to complain or smth but to help ppl understand how slow I am 11.

I never felt as the average 16x HD player as I consider my knowedge of the game to be for higher lvl. Still because of the low speed it affects my decisions whats the most frustrating. For example Id almost always go for 4 on wood and loom before the first boar despite an optimal build order would be different. I just need more time to try find those boars and sheep scouting is smth hard really (id send one sheep in some direction but most scouting is left forthe scout).Plus with no loom tihings get messy easily 11. Pushing the deers is almost out of the question( I could mill them or just send vills if they are close). Ofc all sort of micro is as hard as it can get.

Anyway as I said Im not complaining but as the topic has been interesting to me I was always wondering how Id fair in Voobly with my level at HD. A problem fom me personally is the game spd and its smth that switches me off a little bit. I guess we will only know whenI finally test myself in Voobly. ;)

oh man, i understand u every word u say, and i symphatize with u, i know what frustrating can be a mild disability but while u can handle at least a mouse u can get fun from it, have u tested to play in slow speed?? i play on steam too, add me <<vit======> (my nickname xD)
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