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Hosting RM Tournaments with point prizes

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Hosting RM Tournaments with point prizes

Postby  StorM_Country » Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:39 pm

Aoc: RM Tournament point prizes

No points will be awarded to 2200+ accounts, if someone signs up with a 2200+ account they must choose an account lower than this to award points to after tournament is over.
The responsibility for advertising and enforcing this lies with the tournament organisers and should they fail to outline it in the signup thread or elsewhere Voobly will not be held accountable or honour point prizes which breach the above rule.

1v1 Tournaments

For 32 player tournament which consists of 5 rounds.

1st place: 45
2nd place: 35
3rd place: 25

As rounds increase by 1, prizes increase by 5 points each, meaning 64 player tournament would be 50 points for 1st place.

2v2-4v4 Tournaments

For 32 team tournaments which consist of 5 rounds.

1st place: 50 points for all team members
2nd place: 40 points for all team members
3rd place: 30 points for all team members

As rounds increase by 1, prizes increase by 5 points each placing, meaning 64 team tournaments would be 55 points for 1st place.

Size of team can be tournament format + 1 extra player, this means in 4v4 tournament, up to 5 players can receive the prize as long as they played some games, players to have points awarded to are announced by team or clan leader at end of tournament.


Anyone wishing to host an RM Tournament with point prizes please contact myself, Dreams or any of the RM mods and we can discuss and relay our decision to you. The Voobly AOC:RM Forums is

~ Voobly AoC:RM Staff
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Re: Hosting RM Tournaments with point prizes

Postby  DreaIVIS » Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:00 am

Done. Topic closed so you can continue discussion here:
We are actively recruiting staff with good logic, punctuality and sense for good recorded games and will to work for the community.

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