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Rules & Settings

Moderator:  Voobly

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Rules & Settings

Postby  Voobly » Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:35 pm

The League will consist of a Group Stage followed by a Final disputed between the 1st and 2nd player who achieved the most points in the Group Stage.
If 2 or more players finish the Group Stage with the same amount of points, the final classification will be decided by taking into account the result of their head-to-head matches.

The Group Stage

- The Group stage will be disputed in Round Robin format, meaning everyone plays against everyone once.

- The games will be disputed as a BO7 series (the first to win 4 maps wins the match). Every won map, means a point for the winner. So, if a player wins a BO7 series with 4-3, he gets 4 points and his opponent 3 points.

- The first game of each BO7 series will be an Arabia Huns war. After that, 6 home maps will be played (3 for each player).

- The home maps from each player must be all different.

- The player choosing the next map, will be the player who lost the map before.

Example: if player A wins the Arabia Huns war, player B will choose the next map. If player B wins the 2nd map, player A will choose the next map. And so on.

- Throughout the whole Tournament, Hidden Civilizations must be applied.

- There will be 2 restarts available for each player, not counting the restarts due to bugged maps. The restarts have to be called before minute 4.

The Final

- The Final of the Top Experts League #2 will be played as a BO9 series (the first to win 5 maps wins the match).

- The first game of the Final will be an Arabia Aztecs War. After that, 7 home maps will be played: 4 for the player who finished the Group 1st and 3 for the player who finished the Group 2nd. If it comes to a result of 4-4, the last map played will be Megarandom.

- The order of the home maps will follow the same rule as in the Group stage: the player who lost the last map, chooses the next one. If the player with 3 home maps runs out of them, the Match will continue with the home maps from the other player.

- The home maps from each player must be all different.

- Each player will have 3 restarts at his disposal, not counting the restarts due to bugged maps. The restarts have to be called before minute 4.

No Dark Age "Laming"

As "laming" will be considered:

- stealing sheep;
- stealing boar;
- blocking the villager luring the boar;
- killing deers;
- removing with palisade the trees next to enemy's TC;
- walling off enemy resources;
- attacking with scout/eagle enemy villagers before minute 7.

On no-TC-start maps, as laming will be considered:

- villager wars before TC's are up;
- killing enemy's deer/boar (using the 4 palisade tile trick);
- No Barracks, no Palisade Wall and no more than one House may be built until the first TC is up.

Please keep in mind this is a Dark Age rule. As soon as one player hits Feudal Age, this rule no longer applies.

Live Streaming

- All TEL matches will be streamed live.

- The Tournament Administration prefers to stream every game without delay, but if one or both players states he wishes to have a delay, it will be delayed up to a maximum of 7 minutes.

-If a Spectator delay is being used, players must wait until the previous game finishes for the Streamer before they can go on with the next game.

- Spectators will not be allowed in the game room. Exceptions may be made if both players agree with it.

Map Pool

The Map pool for the Group Stage and for the Final will be the following:

All AoC standard maps;
All LightRandom maps;
Land Nomad;
BCC3 Fortress (played as Regicide).
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