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Drush FAst Castle in to crossbows tutorial

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Drush FAst Castle in to crossbows tutorial

Postby  morley1985 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:20 pm

Hi all,

Another onscreen build order tutorial video. To go along with the archer, tower and scout rush tutorials on my YouTube channel, I have now created a more advanced tutorial video - Drush Fast Castle into Crossbows. You can find the video with on screen build order in the link below:-

Hi and welcome to this Drush Fast Castle in to Crossbows build order tutorial! I hope this helps you to learn this build order before being able to master it and tweak it to make it even better!

6 Sheep
4 wood (with lumber camp)
1 lure boar
Make 2 houses with a villager from wood
3 to berries
1 to lure 2nd boar back to TC
1 to berries
1 to get 10 gold then move to wood
1 to build barracks and 2 houses then wood
2 wood
2 berries
Move 4 from boar to mill deer
6 to straggler trees (move to farms when you
have 60 wood)


move 4 vills from sheep to gold (plus 1 from
wood if needed)

When feudal arrives send 3 vills to make
blacksmith and archery range

2 to gold



P.S. the actual execution of the drush was crap haha it was all about the build order
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