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Who has the upmost best SR+Arb+Halbs?

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Who has the best Siege Ram + Arbalest + Halbs push?

No votes
Vikings (with chieftain pikes)
Total votes : 40

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Who has the upmost best SR+Arb+Halbs?

Postby  HyunAOP » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:03 pm

Who does it better and does Siege Engineers and lack of blacksmith armour matter to you?

Vikings added coz 1) Phillipe and 2) coz it's Vikings duh.

Obviously wololokingdoms with the new balance changes coming Soon™

Do you consider Siege ram + Arb + halb push a decent combo to pull off?
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Re: Who has the upmost best SR+Arb+Halbs?

Postby  Tocaraca » Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:25 pm

Ethiopians were definitely the strongest before patch 5.7, because they had free Halberdier upgrade (along with 18% faster firing Arbalests, and an extra 100 food and 100 gold). However, now they don't have free halb.

It depends on whether you're talking about early imp or later imp. Early imp, the civ with the best eco for it will probably be the best; Chinese have the cheaper upgrades, which saves lots of resources for the Capped Ram upgrade and particularly the Siege Ram upgrade, and also Arbalest, Bracer, Chemistry etc. However, late game, Ethiopians have Torsion Engines.

Byzantines have the cheaper imp which means they can get the Capped Rams and Siege Rams faster than others.

I think it really depends, but overall I would say Ethiopians, they have everything fully upgraded and bonuses towards them.
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